CFS or FM after pregancy

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    I was diagnosed with CFS 10 years ago and its been in remission (if there is such a thing) for quite a few years.

    I have a 3 month old now and ever since I had him I have been having all kinds of wierd symptoms. The obvious being fatigue which I just assumed is from lack of sleep but after 1 month I started having severe aching in my knees. I have also had a lot of sinus congenstion, headaches and scratch throats (swollen and with white pocket in back of throat - usually went along with my cfs) and most resently I have had aching all over some days and very sensitve skin on my stomach, lower back and inner and outer thighs. The skin sensitivy is new. I have never experienced anything like it. It hurts to just brush over it and even today I had some cold water splash my stomach and it hurt.

    I have never been diagnosed with FM but am wondering if some of these new symptoms might be those of FM.

    Any comments would be appreciated