CFS or Lupus

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    In 2002 I was diagnoised with MVP with slight regurtation. I found out that I had more than likely been born that way. I was then told that I have POTS/Dysautonomia and I was blaced on a beta blocker. This was right after the birth of my second child.

    Since I can remember I had the most bizarre symptoms. I would go outside in the cold or heat, start sweating and end up having to stop doing whatever I was doing because I was itching so bad that I would scratch myself until I bled. I have that memory since elementary school but once I heard......get over it I just continued to suffer in silence. I would have chest pain and a racing heart and I did the same thing. My whole life I had compensated for everything.

    I believe I have had CFS for years but only recently diagnoised by My DR. that I have been seeing for months. My DR. said he believes I have CFS with fibromylagia. So does this mean I do not have POTS/Dysautonomia? I am very confused. He wants to rule out Lupus because even though it does not show up in the blood it does not mean that you do not have it.

    For the last year I have had very painful breasts (hurts to shower) and in the last 3.5 years I have had 3 mamograms. The Radiologist explains that the "perfectly round nodgule is a lymph node" One day I woke up and all the pain in my breasts............gone but seemed as though it went throughout my body to all of my joints with no swelling or redness visible. Did I forget to add that I was on my honeymoon in the Bahamas? Oh's been a fun few months and my new hubby is a trooper. While in the Bahamas I ended up with hives all over my body and we ended up spending thousands on medical bills. I could deal with the pain (I always have) but I could/can not deal with the crippling fatigue that has plauged my entire body.

    The hives and the joint pain/breast pain are all new symptoms although the breast pain has been lingering for over a year. I'm a bit nervous that I am going to hear that I have Lupus which can kill you and I am not ready to die. I have such a wonderful life now and all I really want is to enjoy it. My DR. has put me on 5 mg of ritalin a day because I asked him to help pull me out of this disabeling fatigue. He said I can increase it to 2 x a day after a week. I also take toprol XL .25 mg and Xanax 1 mg at night or when needed. I needed the xanax more often while in the Bahamas. Does anyone know if there is an interaction with these two drugs and the sun? This has been one of the worst relapses but I refuse to give up.

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    Puddles.....Thank You for your reply :)

    They have ruled out RA and ran all of the tests you spoke about in your post back to me. All tests came back negative. I do not have the butterfly rash. I do have painful joints but no visiable swelling or redness and extreme fatigue. I am my own patient advocate you can be certain of that. Explain rib pain? I have what feels like under my rib cage a "sticking pain" I use the work "sticking" because I literally have to lift my hands over my head to move the pain. I consider this post part of my research. I believe in asking questions even if you think you know the answer. We are all students of life and there is no stupid question. I can never learn enough and I learn from people everyday. Just by reading your response I learned a little more.

    The xanaz I am very aware of too. I very rarely take it during the day with the exception of my honeymoon. It was given to me for my sleeping issues. LOL.....I am a firm believer in therapy and have been in it throughout my lifetime. It was a therapist that called my DR. and informed my DR. of CFS/Fibro years ago when I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia/POTS. Anxiety is part of Dysautonomia/POTS and also a part of many other disorders.

    Again, Thank you and everyone else who does answer this post. I have stopped many years ago relying on DR's. I believe everyone's opinion is of value.

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