?"CFS Patients Address the CDC" , You Tube, July 24, 2010

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    excellent work on you tube, a message to the CDC and the world !


    "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a serious debilitating neuro immune disease, that is known to affect 4 million Americans, and 17 million people worldwide. CFS has been ignored and dismissed for decades, by both the medical community, and by the government agencies, that we have entrusted with our health. Because of the widespread ignorance regarding CFS, patients with this condition are often reduced to psychiatric cases, mis-treated by doctors, and not given the appropriate treatments that they need and deserve.

    The October 2009 discovery of the XMRV virus, in the blood of 68 of 101 CFS patients tested by researchers at the Whittemore Peterson Institute, is a revolutionary finding. It is giving many CFS patients hope for better treatments for this devastating disease, and possibly even a cure.

    The recent confirmation of XMRV in CFS subjects tested by researchers at the NIH and FDA needs to be taken seriously by the CDC, which has had a history of failing those who are ill with CFS far too predictably, and for far too long."
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