CFS: Potential Further Regulation of Human Growth Hormone

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    Some of you may have heard of a proposed bill to further regulate human growth hormone.

    I personally believe that this should not be available to athletes and others who would misuse it.

    However, I have found it to be extremely helpful for my CFS.

    Below is a reply that I received from one of my senators, Barack Obama, on this matter.

    It appears that it is one that he has yet to express an opinion upon. I suspect this is the case with many other elected officials as well.

    I thus encourage others who want free access to substances that may have the potential of helping their CFS to write to their own senators and representatives about this bill.



    Dear Lisa:

    Thank you for contacting me about the proposed restrictions on the use of human growth hormone (hGH) as proposed in Controlling the Abuse of Prescriptions Act of 2007 (S. 877/H.R. 4911). I appreciate hearing your strong views on this matter.

    S. 877, the Controlling the Abuse of Prescriptions Act of 2007, attempts to address the abuse of one particular controlled substance -- hGH -- and would establish a good faith standard for practitioners in dispensing prescriptions of controlled substances.

    Although this is a worthy goal, I have heard from many families across Illinois who have children and loved ones that are currently treated with hGH. S. 877 has been referred to the Senate Committee of the Judiciary. Although I do not sit on this committee of jurisdiction, your views will be on my mind if this legislation reaches the Senate floor

    Again, Lisa, thank you for writing to me about this important issue. I look forward to hearing from you again.


    Barack Obama
    United States Senator
  2. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Lisa,

    I've been interested in HGH for a long time; have never had the energy and cognitive ability to sort through the literature, find a good doctor and then feel I could afford it, even if I wanted to pursue it.

    I ran across an article recently (pasted below) that perked my interest once again. I was wondering if you might find it interesting. Also, because you have experience with HGH, I would be interested in any comments you might have on the article.

    Thanks for posting on your HGH experiences. I don't recall the details except that it was a very good thing for you. My gut tells me it could be a very good thing for me as well.

    Regards, Wayne

    Real Growth Hormone for Only $1,200 a Year -Roger Mason

    Real GH no longer costs $4,000 a year to use. Nor does it need to be injected daily with a hypodermic needle for best results. It will still cost about $1,200 a year and can be used sublingually (under your tongue)

    There has been a breakthrough in producing real (rhGH) growth hormone in China. You can now find Jintropin® or Hygertropin® GH on the Internet and buy it legally for your own use. Please read You Don't Need a Prescription in our library. Consider using this if you are over 50 and have already balanced all your other basic hormones. If you haven't balanced all your other hormones then don't even bring up the subject of GH. You need a series of four blood tests at a clinic in a day about 3 or 4 hours apart to get an accurate profile of your GH levels. This is not very practical obviously. IGF-1 levels do not accurately parallel GH, no matter what you heard somewhere else. It is much easier to simply go by RESULTS here. Did you get real world benefits after, say, 90 days? Did your cholesterol fall? Do you really feel better and have more energy? Did your body fat per cent lessen? The correct dose is usually about 10 mg/ 30 IU per month. Please remember this- 10 mg equals 30 IU and that is what you need every month. That means 1 IU daily. You can inject this subcutaneously (under your skin, not in your muscle) if you like hypodermic needles. You can also dissolve this in vodka and use one drop or two drops a day sublingually for best effect. Keep GH refrigerated at all times. Once you dilute it there is only a 30 day shelf life- refrigerated. Do not shake this or stir sharply or you will break the molecule and it will have no effect. This has 191 amino acid strands bound together and it can be broken easily.

    You can order this legally (use registered mail) under U.S. Code 21, Section 331 or bring it in personally from out of the country for your own personal use. Do NOT order more than a two month supply, or it can be seized. Go to the U.S. Customs website and read CF4790 “Know Before You Go” to see your rights. In 2008 the customs officials have illegally being seizing testosterone and GH orders, so be careful.

    Growth hormone is a very complicated molecule consisting of 191 amino acids in a chain. Please do not think because GH is so expensive that it is any more effective than your other basic hormones. It costs no less to produce pig (rpGH) or cow (rbGH), and veterinarians can buy these very cheaply for livestock. The market was rigged until the Chinese stepped in this year. Of your fourteen basic hormones this is the only expensive one. Do not pay more than $120 for 10 mg/30 IU as most sellers want much more than this. You can only order a 60 day supply at once as that is all customs will allow in at one time. If customs tries to stop your order just appeal it as they have to allow it under federal law. Shipments of GH and testosterone have been illegally seized at times unfortunately and search engines no longer advertise the suppliers.

    Do not think that GH alone is going to do much for you all by itself. It is not a Magic Hormone- it is merely a very expensive one. You have to first balance all your basic hormones as much as possible. They all work together as a team, in harmony and simply cannot work alone. Test your DHEA and testosterone. Take melatonin and pregnenolone. Have a doctor test your free T3 and free T4. Women, test all three of your estrogens. Men and women over 40 should use transdermal progesterone. Make sure your fasting blood sugar is 85 or less, or get a one draw GTT. Always remember your hormones work together in concert as a team.

    There are so many published studies in the international medical journals proving how beneficial, effective, and safe real rhGH is when given to short children, people over 50, the elderly, and the sickly. There are never any side effects when natural hormones are used in proper amounts for people proven to be deficient. The problem for GH has always been COST. Attempts have been made to make peptide and non-peptide secretagogues like MK-677 and hexarelin, but all of these have failed. Hexarelin was the most promising of all. Hexarelin was used in humans of all ages for more than 10 years, but raised prolactin and homocysteine among other problems. GH does not work orally, and is ten times weaker in a nasal spray. The molecule chain is too large to use transdermally in DMSO as you can with other hormones.

    Read the articles in the library to see that ALL oral growth hormone supplements advertised and offered- especially on the Internet- are frauds. ALL OF THEM. No exceptions. No matter how well written the advertising they are all frauds. Real GH is an expensive prescription-only drug and there is no way around this. Period. End of story.

    If you are willing to part with $120 a month, you can now have youthful growth hormone levels and live longer and live better. The clinical evidence is irrefutable here as to the benefits of GH supplementation. Make sure you've taken care of all your other hormones before you consider

    This however. Make this the last hormone on your list to balance if you are over 50.
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