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  1. LindaJones

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    I heard that some people are able to recover from cfs
    a cfs recovery registry should be created
    this could be used for a study to see how these people were able to recover
    I have heard that people who recover don't come back to the cfs support groups
    to share their story and help others
  2. spacee

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    I have known several people who recovered but they were never totally disabled. They spent all of their energy on "living" and didn't have any extra for support groups. The few I know don't want to talk or remember having CFS because of the he** of it. It was a terrible time in their lives. They have moved on.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. isiselixir

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    yes i personally love to hear recovery stories but sometimes when ppl come back to report them there is a lot of arguing that takes place over how they recovered
    and like you said the others don't come back to report
    when i had a spontaneous remission that i thought was a recovery i reported it right away
    there must be more cases like that
    i want to know about remissions as much as recoveries
    there is a book with a bunch of recovery stories out there but i forget what it is called
  4. Catseye

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    We try to tell others what we did but it sounds so weird to them or they've never heard of it and so they don't believe us. Some people have blind faith in the medical profession and when something else works, it goes against their core beliefs and they don't want to hear it. Plus some people think that every alternative treatment is a snake oil, they lump them all together because they are unable to discern what could be effective. There is lots of homework involved and it can be quite complicated.

    Also, there are some people who are so destitute that the only way they can afford any treatment at all is through medical insurance and that will only pay for medical doctors and they aren't the ones who can treat cfs. The medical profession isn't interested in treating cfs so they keep putting everyone off with their stupid excuses like "we don't know what causes it". Or they announce some new virus every once in awhile so they can push more antivirals on people.

    They make money treating symptoms of diseases, they don't make money from curing people. You have to do it yourself. Can you name one disease the medical profession cures? Quit thinking this could not happen in America - things like this happen in EVERY industry in EVERY part of the world. It is the economics of the profession, nothing more.

    I have been getting over this slowly but surely. First, we fixed the intestinal dysbiosis, then the intestinal hyperpermeability improved, then the liver methylation cycle kicked back in and now I am ready to get the heavy metals out. This has all been hard, expensive and a royal pain in the butt, but it has been working - with myself being able to watch my own progress through the right laboratory tests. But you have to do a lot of the homework yourself, you can't depend on someone else to do it for you. You have to study the body and what is wrong with it. For a start, google your symptoms but put the words "natural remedies" in with your search. That will cause google to exclude most of the medical profession's bogus advice on chronic diseases which is useless to you. Even just putting in "cfs natural remedies" will bring up all kinds of pertinent info.

    Then, you need a doctor who is qualified to treat it and can order the tests you need. Not just any naturopath will do, you need one who doesn't go by general recommendations - one who will formulate an individualized plan based on your specific symptoms. The medical profession is there for things that require immediate medical treatment like a heart attack or if you get all smashed up in a car wreck. For chronic diseases, they will merely prescribe drugs that are sure to make you sicker in the long run because they ignore the root causes of whatever illness you are complaining about. Diet is everything and they know nothing about it. That should have been our first clue.

    If you want a nice, easy, explained plan for treatment, check out
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