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    I had a conversation yesterday with the fundraiser for the CFIDS Association of America. And I thought you all might be interested in what I found out.

    First a little background. The CFIDS Ass'n of America launched a research campaign this year with a goal of raising one million dollars. Grants are then to fund a few new promising CFS studies. Per the website "this initiative marks the largest, most concentrated effort ever undertaken by a non-governmental entity to discover biomarkers, diagnostics, and treatments for this illness."

    Well I was thrilled to hear that they have reached their one million dollar goal!! They are now in the process of reviewing the 21 research proposals that they have received from various disciplines. She told me that 50% of the proposals are from newcomers to CFS research and they were very happy to see this expanded interest.

    They expect to announce the winners of the grants by the end of the year. She explained to me that these are seed grants which means they are intended to support the initial stages of research. After the first phases of research are complete it is the hope that these study groups can then present finding to the NIH and receive additional and more substantial funding to continue.

    She explained to me that these groups will have strict reporting requirements during 2009 and that the results will be shown on their website.

    I had also explained the frustration that many of us have when going to doctors who do not undertand our illness. And I asked what the Association is doing to educate physicians. Well I was happy to hear that the CFIDS Association of America designed a training module for physicians that is accesible through Medscape and allows the physician to earn CME's.

    As most physician's are familiar with Medscape, this gives them a credible source to learn about our illness.

    The CFIDS Association of America runs on donations and membership is very affordable, only $35, to support our cause!!


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    Thanks for sharing this. This is good news and I hope it continues. The more information we can learn, the better for all us.

    Appreciate the info.. Cindy

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