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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shaw1987, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. shaw1987

    shaw1987 New Member

    Anyone else having non- epileptic seizures along with CFS?
  2. TigerLilea

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    Have you had a CT brain scan for your seizures and been checked out by a neurologist? They can be caused by a brain tumour and should be checked out immediately if not already done.
  3. shaw1987

    shaw1987 New Member

    Yes, had extensive tests, including MRI, EEG, 8 hour videotaped EEG, narcolepsy studies, etc.
    Cleveland Clinic neurology diagnosed them as non-epileptic and said they are seeing more CFS patients with them. The episodes are triggered by any additional physiological stress, such as cold/virus. Symptoms have included staring, freezing, laughing, singing, shaking, but no loss of conciousness. I hear what's around me, but can't respond.
  4. Mikie

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    This activity can cause anxiety and inability to get into the right sleep stage and stay there. It was a sleep study which showed this. I have never had a seizure, per se, but Klonopin keeps me from sleep disturbances and sensory overload. Before the Klonopin, I couldn't stand harsh lighting and nose. Smells and movement also drove me nuts.

    Dr. Cheney has a good article in our Library here about how PWC have overfiring neurons. He recommends Klonopin to prevent premature death of these neurons.

    Love, Mikie
  5. DeborahLynn

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    Yes, I have them... I went through a lot of ER visits, testing, and a doctor who misdiagnosed me with pseudo seizures, before I finally got a correct diagnosis of complex partial seizures. I'm like you, in that I don't lose consciousness, but I will totally collapse, and not be able to respond to anyone for 1 - 3 minutes. Many times I have muscle contractions and jerking, like a grand mal seizure, but not as violent. Afterward I am extremely weak. I have seizure after seizure, every five min. or so, for hours.

    As I was searching for treatments, the Lord led me to a nutritionist who suffered from violent grand mal seizures for 30 years; the meds were not helping her. She also prayed, and the Lord led her to try a 85% raw diet. Over the course of five years, her seizures became less and less frequent, until this last year, she was seizure free. She said that when she feels a seizure coming on, she gets really strict with her raw vegetarian diet, does carrot juicing and a few other nutritional things, and it passes.

    I tried it, and as long as I stick to a raw diet as close as I can, my seizures are much less frequent and of a lesser severity. I've been doing a 85% raw diet now for almost a year.

    In Dr. David Bell's free online e-book about CFS, he tells different stories from several of his patients, and he tells about CFS and seizures. If you can, you ought to look up his website, and find his e-book - very interesting!

    I hope this helps!


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