CFS sinusitis just starting long term antibiotics HELP

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shanwill, Mar 30, 2007.

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    Hi there,
    I just got my MRI scan back and it show chronic sinusitis. (brain was normal, no explanation for all the fog) I had a cat scan 3 yrs ago and it showed the same thing. GP wants to try me on a course of strong antibiotics for a month. I'm concerned of the impact of this on my body but feel so awful am willing to try anything.

    Has anyone tried this? What should I be doing for my body with taking all these antibiotics? I take the drug at night, should I take my probiotic in the morning or wait till I've run the course?

    Many thanks,
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    Did you get the MRI because of some headaches or something pertaining to your sinuses?

    Did the dr. say you have an active sinus infection?

    I have had chronic sinusitis for years but dont always have an infection. My sinuses are just always inflammed and swollen.

    I have had bad sinus infections over the years that did require long term antibiotics to get rid of it. One time it took over 3 months.

    Sorry cant give any advice about how to take your probiotic.
  3. shanwill

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    Thx for response.
    I got the MRI because I have awful brain fog and bouts of bad dizziness, the sinuses were the only thing showing to be out of wack. The doc just said chronic, not necesarrily active, and said I may as well try a month and see if I have any result.

    Do you have a certain diet, supplements etc that help cure this? I'm sure it's one of my layers to CFS.
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    If you can talk the doc into testing for viruses, then you might be able to narrow down what treatments options.

    I had bad sinusitis for years. I finally found that regular use of an atomizer nasal spray helped tremendously. Salt water, Colloidal Silver and grapefruit seed extract (GSE) help me.

    I use 5 drops of GSE to filtered water.

    Especially after being in a pollen or dusty environment, I use it right away.

    Also, I found that my weak immune system was due to Lead toxicity. A hair analysis found it at 4X the threshold of healthy ppl. After 14 rounds of chelation, I find that I use the nasal atomizer very little.

    Probiotics boost the immune system in the colon. You can take them anytime but esp after the antibiotic use since they kill both the good and bad bacteria.

    Lead and Mercury can also cause cognitive dysfunction AKA brain fog.
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