CFS: Still a Mystery abstract

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  1. Laz1

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    Did anyone else find this "research" by the Netherlanders as insulting as I did? Back to "it's all in your head." Oh, puh-leeze!

  2. MtnDews

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    There is a mind body connection, however, try as I might, I've been unable to get well. And believe me, I've tried hard.

    So, yes, I didn't like reading that article. It will just make our doctors send us to the shrink without bothering to help us with the symptoms of this DD illness. It's good that it was posted though because we need to know what the docs are reading.
  3. TeaBisqit

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    They are still trying to say we're all nuts after all these years. And everything in that article was wrong. Didn't they say something about being neurotic, lazy kids, too? Completely wrong. In my case, I was an over active child. I loved being active and had alot of friends. I was on a gymnastics team as a child. We used to practice all day. My friends and I used to swim and climb trees, too. Then, as an adult, I belonged to a gym and was a total exercise-aholic. I had friends, boyfriends, and a life. I liked my life. They don't know anything with that article. And they certainly don't explain why my illness started as an upper resp disease with a scratchy sore throat that I caught from someone I was dating.

    Before I die, and or commit suicide from this disease, I want to see a real blood test that identifies the illness and proves once and for all that we have a real illness that is making us sick. I want true validity. None of this is fair. This seems to be the only disease in the world that it's okay for them to continually trivialize and try to say it's all psychosomatic.
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    My sister-in-law is a research doctor from Finland. She's studying epidemiology (epidemics). She sent me info about CFIDS -- I scanned it before reading, and sure enough, names that I associate with the 'all in your head' movement popped up all over it. (Thank you Tansy for all the work you've done to educate us.)

    I don't know if my SIL really understood what she was sending or just wanted to pass along something she found about CFIDS, so I have not replied. I'm working up to sending her Cheney's work in order to educate her a bit more, but I haven't quite yet tamped down the 'grrrrrrr' factor in order to at least 'sound' objective.
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