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    i wish there was a way to give your supplements to others who may need them.

    i bought many expensive supplements such as transfer factor, coriolus, and piracetam, and my current doctor won't let me use them....its a shame watching them expire.

    any ideas?

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    hi kelly! ...the fact that your NK function is excellent is amazing news. i read on dr. brewer's site that the reason people relapse (he thinks) is that even after antiviral therapy, they still have low NK cell function.

    i intend to have my NK cells measured along with RNase L, etc in a few months at redlabs. thats going to be an expenisive batch of tests.

    i wonder if enough artemisinin would absorb. if it did work on CMV, i dont see why it wouldnt work on HHV6....

    i have been feeling a little better the last few days, though, needless to say, i am not getting my hopes up recent liver function tests were normal so i am very happy about that. this repeat starting, stopping, and varying doses of valcyte has me worried about resistance. i would like to just stay on the drug.

    would you ever go back to see dr. lerner again?

    delia..thanks for the email...i will respond shortly:)


    kelly.....are you sure i can extend the shelf life of supplements by freezing? won't that ruin the effectivenesS?
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