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    Most likely we have pretty much the same ones.. although I have posted on here about rapid heartbeats.. .. after getting checked at the Er and having stress test and all kinds of blood work.. they say it isn't my heart. and then I went back to the Drs and he said everything was good but suggested a heart monitor.. .. took that back yesterday.. but, Im still trying to figure out.. why I feel it up around in my neck area.. more so then in my chest.. sometimes just sitting .. Which they are going with panic attacks.. but.. I wake up and can hear and feel it in my neck.. Not sure why that one is..

    I have had whiplash 3 times.. actually 4 if You count the deer I hit last fall.. Not sure if that can have anything to do with but.. my question is.. Does anyone do this maybe if we just go so long without good sleep.. ( which we, or any of us.. really dont get )or maybe can do it when you're trying to do housework or.. anything slightly strenuous.. ?

    Im wondering if maybe it isnt the CFS.. I know it hurts around my arm pits and that comes and goes.. feel like I have a fever sometimes but when I take it.. my temp is around 97. rarely gets..
    Just trying to figure it out if I can.. I woke up with it again this morning.. and I try to not get too frightened, but when it gets loud like that and goes fast and then slows down..
    Its a rather uncomfortable feeling.. then my anxiety starts up big time..
    I did look up in my fibro and myofacial book..dealing with the trigger points and I read where the one muscle in ones neck the Stylohyoid muscle.. if that gets inflammed.. that can entrap the carotid arety and affect the blood flow.. I think I have had it do this.. kind of.. where I just feel so tired when Im trying to do things and its like I can hardly go.. for a long time but its like in a big flare up with everything else going on.. My youngest sister passed away with Cancer the end of January.. and I have a friend that has prostrate cancer and has to go this next wk to get that out.. and like all the rest.. worrying about our kids and parents and familes.. I pray and ask God to take over my worries.. I know he does but sometimes.. I guess.. I just try to figure things out. We are our own Drs actually so.. we do have to try and pay attenetion to our bodies.. I try to eat well.. hardly anything from a box or a can.. I eat fresh or frozen.. very little meat.. As I said the Drs said my blood work was really good.. but,
    I guess one can sit and speculate but.. if one has this and their Dr has explained what it is.. that would help me put my mind at ease.. and for others too.. that may have the same thing..
    Thank You for taking the time to read.. and if possibly be able to reply on it..
    Thank You..
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    Deb there are many many symptoms that come with CFS and worry is never a good advisor.
    Being sensible ofcourse is and there could always be something else next to CFS/ME but any good docter will be responsible enough to look at that if there is a reason to it and it looks like your docter did.

    To me it seems logical that we feel it in our neck area since that is where the vessels are that regulate the bloodflow to the brain. And the bloodflow to the brain is one of the things that is thrown of in CFS/ME. Also the glands are effected which explains what you feel around the armpits. Our bodies are overtriggered so it isn't weird that we can be thrown of by a simple thing as our own bloodflow. I have times when being very weak that I just can't keep myself upright anymore because I don't know what is upright anymore because feeling the bloodflow throws me of my balance.

    I had a lot of research done on me too in the beginning years to rule out the things that go on in my family and had much the same results like you on most things. Nothing wrong found on most parts. Just had a b12 deficiency that has been taken care of but did not improve my health and they did find old Epstein Barr signs that many people with CFS/ME have.

    At some point in time for me it was just time to go with what I got and no longer waist my time and energy keeping doctoring since they would not able to help me anyways and I didn't want to feel sick all the time because of having to visit the docters and undergo all those treatments that took way to much energy of me that I didn't have. I tried many different treatments, medicine, suplements, altenative ways, for over 10 years and it where 10 horrible years of suffering more then needed because of all the energy it took and the stress it caused. Only you know what you have to do to get to the point where you can move on with your life as is, and hopefully you find a way that DOES help you improve your health, but know that you can also get stuck in doctering the rest of your life if that is where all your attention and energy goes constantly, and that could also rob you of building up a new life inside the boundaries of what you are capable of right now.

    Every now and then I still try out things I can easily try at home at my own pace when I'm up to it but to me it's more beneficial to give myself the 'comfort' of being where I'm at and going from there, then constantly not wanting to be where I'm at and trying to be somewhere I'm not yet and may or may not ever will be anymore in this life. I still have hope on better days but for me personally better days come when I pace myself and allow myself to be just where I am without the constant push of having to be better then I am.

    Going through that list of videos I posted on your other thread has helped me a lot to understand some of the symptoms better, they don't give solutions but they did bring understanding of all the weird things going on inside.

    Anyways, just speaking my heart and only you can listen to your own heart for what is the best way for you to go. Wish you the best in finding that way for you.
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    Thank You so much, Soul and Frieda.. You both have much wisdom and so helpful to me at this time!
    Just wanted You to know.. that You have helped give me some peace of mind.. You both be Blessed.. and sending healing hugs!..
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    Know that your sharing is of help to others too. It's so good to read back that others experience the same thing. That's quite different then hearing a researcher say others experience the same thing. So thank YOU too for sharing!
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    Thank You all so much for the replies.. and You are welcome..Soul.. I know we all get all kinds of different things that go on in our bodies with the CFS and the Fibro and the Myofacial..
    I guess it makes one feel like we aren't the only ones that do some of these things. And its a bit comforting.. and then when I read of others that go thru even worse things.. my heart breaks for them..
    These health issues can surely take their toll on us..

    My apologies for not getting back sooner.. I just got home today from my friends that I went up to go help.. but.. wasn't hepful from his operation.. He got up to the Hospital in Rochester.. the Surgeon checked him over and sent him home.. he was coughing so bad and was running a fever.. We couldnt figure it out when he had talked to the Surgeons Nurse.. and she told him to come up anyways.. I guess she had her reasons.. I don't know but.. his nephew took him up and had left.. and got a call when he was about half way home saying to come back to pick him up..
    By the time he got back to his place and was really sick.. and running a temp of 1o2. for 3 days.. The Surgeon give him an antibiotic for amoxocillin 500 mgs.. But now.. he has to go thru the whole cleansing part.. to have the surgery next week.. but I have to say thru it all.. the attacks or whatever I was having.. I only had 1 the first morning there.. and a slight one the other day.. I think when its happening during the day.. its because I haven't gotten enough sleep or something. but.. I did notice.. it happens when I first wake up in the morning.. some mornings it isn't so bad.. but sometimes it is nothing like it was before tho.. Thank the Lord..
    I slept good there.. I remember dreaming alot.. and I don't seem to always dream here at home.. dont think I am getting into a deep enough sleep.. or something.. and maybe that is what the problem is.. not getting the right sleep.. will find out tomorrow..
    Thanks again .. for your replies.. God Bless You all!>. Hugs,