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    Hi Has anyone read the article here about Dr. Meirleir and his cfs tests. He says they are 99% accurate. If I understood correctly, the tests can determine a treatment based on the results. I plan to contact his lab in Nevada. I also read about Dr. Cheney's new findings about diastolic dysfunction and PFO's. This has to do with an opening between the right and left atrium that somehow is dysfunctional in cfs patients. I have to read it several more times to understand it. Right now I can't seem to concentrate. Jess
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    Wow this is so weird, I was only looking this up this morning to see what else I can have tested by my doc, never heard of it before till this a.m. when I did a search on something and this was mentioned.

    Really good info you posted Fight, like Jess I'm going to have to read it again to properly understand it.

    Thanks for posting it both of you.

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    I appreciate your having Posted this article. I'm going
    to Read it when I can absorb it in total! We're all in
    this together my friend. Thanks again. Glad we have one

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    This looks very interesting - thank you so much for posting it!