CFS, TMJ and Dr. McGregor's Thesis

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    This is a thesis written by a researcher from Australia who's theory of a cause of TMJ disorder and CFS is based on examining toxins in the blood and tracing them back to a specific infection. Treatment of a small number resulted in a 80% successful treatment rate with 35% relapsing and 45% remaining cured. Although this thesis is difficult reading, discussion of the work of the Australian researchers is important to the understanding of CFS/TMJD/FM and is worthwhile. Current research by the Austrialian researchers suggests other staph infections are also responsible. Does anyone have further knowledge of the current research of these researchers or want to discuss aspects of it? Do you know of anyone who is or was a part of this study?

    University of Sydney, 2000

    "An investigation of the association between toxin producing staphylococcus, biochemical changes and jaw muscle pain."

    Objectives: To assess the expression of the symptoms of jaw muscle pain and its association with alterations in biochemistry, other symptoms and the carriage of staphylococci.

    Methods: Three different study populations were assessed. The first was selected and examined by the author and consisted of 43 pain and 41 age and sex matched controls. the second was a study of CFS patients who were blinded to the author and the author subsequently examined the associations between jaw mauscle symptoms reporting and the standardised biochemistry measures. The third study was also blinded to the author but included an investigation of staphylococci and certain cytokine and biochemistry measures.

    Results: The three studies clearly establish an association between the carriage of toxicogenic coagulase-negative staphylococci and the expression of jaw muscle pain in both males and females. These associations were homogeneous and were found whether the patients were selected on the basis of having jaw muscle pain or selected from within a population of patients selected on the basis of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The studies associated the changes with variations in biochemistry and these were in turn associated with symptom expression within the jaw muscle pain patients. These biochemical alterations included the dysregulation of immune cell counts, cytokines, electrolyte and protein metabolism. These symptoms and biochemical changes were associated with pain severity and illness duration and staphylococcal toxin production. From the data a model was developed which shows the machanisms involved in the development of chronic pain in the jaw muscles.

    Conclusions: The carriage of toxicogenic coagulase-negative staphylococci were found to be associated with the expression of jaw muscle pain and the alterations in biochemistry associated with these symptoms.

    The entire theses is available on-line. Use your search engine to locate Dr. McGregor's Thesis.

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    Seems like if this were the cause o our illness, then antibiotics would be the cure, no? I'm too foggy to read something this complicated today.