CFS, tremors and joints, how it began

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mossrose101, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. mossrose101

    mossrose101 New Member

    I have been dx'd with CFS/ME. It started with numbness/tingling in my arm and at the elbow my arm would just 'give out'. I had an MRI of the cervical area and they found a lesion. All testing then turned to MS. Saw a specialist and he didn't think it was MS since a new MRI six months later showed no change but I am supposed to have follow-up MRI's just to keep track of any changes.

    While all these tests and doctor visits were going on, I started to have a hard time holding my head up, neck pain, constant muscle twitches, deep bone aching and gradually the fatigue.

    The one strange thing that developed over this time is my lower jaw tremors. When I slowly close my mouth and teeth come together my jaw shakes uncontrollably. I have never seen a thread about tremors and CFS and so Im curious if anyone else has developed tremors having CFS. Also the arm giving out. It started with my left arm and now its my right arm. When its bad I wear an elbow brace and I cant pick anything up with that arm for fear of dropping it.

    Just curious to see if anyone else with CFS has experienced any of this. I have mentioned it to several doctors that I have seen and no one seemed the least bit interested.
  2. 6t5frlane

    6t5frlane New Member

    I would see a Neuro DR and have an EMG done asap
  3. mossrose101

    mossrose101 New Member

    The MS specialist was a neuro and he referred me to a neuro-muscular specialist since I was having constant muscle twitching. I did have a test on one arm, forget what it was called, and it came back ok. Doc said it was probably essential tremors.

    The weird thing is, I never had any tremors of any kind until I became ill with this CFS. Still waiting to see if I get any replies from anyone w/CFS that has developed any tremors since having CFS.

    Thanks for your concern about seeing a neuro.
  4. romalaw

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    I second the advice to have a full neurological workup, if only to ease your mind. About a year or so after I became ill, I developed random twitches and slight tremors in my hands. I was terrified that I had parkinson's or als. A complete neuro exam ruled out both much to my relief.

    I believe my symptoms are related to CFS since I never experienced them before that. High doses of magnesium and a very small dose of klonopin keep the symptoms under control.
  5. mossrose101

    mossrose101 New Member

    When I saw the MS neuro specialist, he did all the MRI's; brain, cervical, lumbar etc. and also had a spinal tap. The neuro-muscular specialist ruled out things like ALS and Parkinsons.

    I have just always wondered why I never had these tremors and then all of a sudden when I become ill with CFS they show up. Makes me wonder about the two being related. I also have a very rare eye disorder called SOM. The eye muscle tremors and causes my eye to shake and of course the vision. Its very rare but I have had it for years. The little bit of research they have done on it suggests a short-circuit from the brain to the eye muscle involved.

    Thank you both for your comments.

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