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    This article made the front page of a National Sunday newspaper here in New Zealand. Our kids here were vaccinated last year for meningococcal disease - I think it was the B strain.
    I didn't get my son done as I am already worried he a 'system' like mine. Now i am glad i didn't. The news on the radio and the local papers have picked it up, but not the TV news.??

    This vaccine has not been used any where else in the world except a trial in norway and now here in New Zealand.

    Did vaccine put our kids at risk?
    22 October 2006

    The jab used to vaccinate more than a million Kiwi children against meningococcal disease is being investigated for a possible link to chronic fatigue syndrome.

    The Health Ministry says it will closely monitor the work of a panel of international medical experts set up to oversee a study into the safety of the vaccine, which was developed in Norway.

    The move follows a documentary screened in Norway last week in which doctors, including Professor Ola Didrik Saugstad, expressed concerns about the vaccine's safety. New Zealand and Norway are the only countries to have used the vaccine.

    The vaccine, developed in the late 1980s, was tested on 180,000 Norwegian teenagers who each received two doses. The study will determine whether or not those people are more likely to have chronic fatigue syndrome - myalgic encephalopathy (ME).

    The vaccine was never used outside the trial in Norway and the epidemic waned naturally. New Zealand bought the vaccine in 2001 and in 2004 and it was declared safe after small trials here and data from Norway.

    Since then, 1.1 million Kiwi children under 20 have received three shots of the vaccine, about 200,000 of whom were aged 13 to 17.

    Saugstad claimed a correlation between 19 people who had been part of the vaccine trial and their later diagnosis with ME.

    A Norwegian website says Saugstad is related to someone with ME and is involved in the Norwegian ME Association.

    The same site dates the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health's decision to investigate a link between vaccinations against meningitis and ME to March.

    Following the first documentary, 250 people in Norway came forward with ME symptoms, 160 of whom Saugstad said warranted further investigation.

    New Zealand immunisation programme director Dr Jane O'Hallahan said they were concerned about events in Norway and were monitoring events closely.

    However, she stressed that nothing had caused them to question the vaccine's safety.

    She said vaccines had been implicated in ME before but had never been proven.

    ME mostly strikes adults aged 25 to 40, but can also afflict children and teenagers.

    The latest Norwegian documentary said that at the time New Zealand bought the vaccine, the Norwegian government had made one compensation payment to a teenager who had been paralysed from the waist down as a result of the vaccine and another who had contracted ME.

    Speaking to the Sunday Star-Times, Saugstad said he wrote to a New Zealand colleague about his concerns before the vaccination programme began here and was told the New Zealand authorities would passively monitor for ME.

    "I wrote back and said in order to find out you need to go out and ask: do you have this and this symptom?" Saugstad said.

    In March, Saugstad asked if New Zealand had had any cases of ME related to the vaccine and was told by a member of New Zealand's safety evaluation team, Dr Stewart Reid, that there had been none.

    Reid said the ministry would wait and see if any cases appeared that could be linked to a vaccination and then consult on whether a wider investigation was required.

    A diagnosis for ME cannot be made unless a patient has been suffering fatigue for at least six months and only then if other causes have been ruled out.

    Saugstad said some of the Norwegian teens fell ill with flu-like symptoms quickly, and others became ill slowly after months or years.

    A meeting between Saugstad and Norwegian health officials on Wednesday agreed an international panel should oversee the study into the possibility of a link.

    The New Zealand ME Society's medical adviser Dr Ros Vallings said she had seen no increase in cases of ME in her GP practice and knew of no increases reported to the society.

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    Thanks for that :D, my parents read it in the paper while in auckland but forgot to bring it home for me.

    I'm in that age bracket but decided not to get it done due to the risks involved im really gald i didn't now.

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    Yeah pretty scary aye.. It just shows our health officials still dont really take ME seriously enough.

    I was reading your bio and you say you are getting better. Is it from something you are doing/taking or are you just coming right on your own. Would be interested to hear...

    ME has been kicking my but pretty severe for the last 12 yrs. Am thinking of trying anti-virals.

    Hope your health keeps improving to complete wellness

    maedaze :eek:)
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    Yeah i did see about the primrose oil and the fish oil, I can't take either of them they make me extremely ill, but i can tolerate flax seed oil which i take daily.

    Was just wondering if she was on anything else.

    I see you have reikie treatments wamps, does it help? We have had a therapist move into the area, so there would be hardly any travel involved so have been wondering whether it is worth a go. Done the osteo, cranial, physio accupuncture etc etc, but have never tried reikei or bowen.
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    I pretty much took a step back from my life, looked at every part of it.

    Sleep was my major issue so did everything possible, I do take the drug norpress to help that along but for a year I just slept when I wanted to sleep that did alot of me. Now my sleeping is normal.

    In the last year I did a huge overhaul to my diet, tryed elimnating, wheat, dairy, sugar. It's hard to take them out totally so I avoid them as much as possible. I know if i drink milk i get very very tired a few hours later.

    I also take a low dose antidepressent which settles my mood swings down.

    I had bowen done as my horse was also being treated, I was really really sick then and didn't find it benafical to me. didn't help the horse either sadly.

    I really must write up everything I have done. I'm 95% better now going to start horse riding again this summer.

    Keep in touch with how you are going maedaze. Have you seen Dr Vallings?

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    Evol, yeah that would be great to write up what you have done and send it into anzmes magazine - we are always wanting to read success stories... as well as posting it here of coarse.!

    Am so glad you are so much better and not far off that 100% mark. Yes I do see dr vallings.. without her I don't know where i would be - or where other NZrs would be without her.? Am off to see her next month again.

    Enjoy your horse riding - as i know you will, it looks like you are in for a fantastic summer, good for you ENJOY :eek:)

    Well Wamps you have me sold, heck if you can help goldfish then there is hope for me!! tehehehehheee
    Sounds nice and relaxing, massages tend to make me sicker afterwards but if this is hands on but not rub technique, it might be something that i can add in on my way to future health...

    It's also a female practitioner which i am alot more comfortable with but thanks for the heads up on keeping the clothes on.

    Have never been able to wear watches, they only last a couple of weeks before the either stop or start going backwards!!! weird aye... mind you i am starting to think my whole system is running backwards, if running at all!!
    Thanx for the info, will let you know how i get on
    cheers maedaze :eek:)

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