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  1. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hi all. just wanted to mention this to those people who cannot obtain valtrex because of cost or other reasons...

    an indian company, ranbaxy, will be entering the US market with generic valtrex around july of 2009, when the patent expires.

    they have exclusive rights to market the generic drug for 180 days before other companies can move in.

    usually, drug companies try to offset losses from generic sales by introducing a new, better version of a drug..i wonder if glaxosmithkline has something in the pipeline that will be better for EBV than valtrex?

  2. sascha

    sascha Member

    at no cost. i just picked up my first valtrex prescription- my co-pay (i have medicare) will be over $70/month. yikes-

    I didn't ask Dr. Montoya if i'd have to be on it forever. hope not. do you know anything about this??

    my next app't with Dr. M is end of August. and i'll have had more blood test results by then, so he'll advise me on what i should do.

    thanks for this inf. what about Canada now? any mail service to get valtrex cheaper from there? Sascha
  3. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hi sascha!

    if your co-pay is $70 a month, that's pretty good. it would still be $1000 a month or so at dr. lerner's dosage - even if you order from canada.

    i might have to pay the entire amount starting feb when my insurance expires!

    i called glaxosmithkline, who told me it is unlikely i will be able to get the drug through their assistance programs since it's for off-label use (it's probably different in the US).

    i am going to try the gov't programs (we have something like medicare here) but when something is being used experimentally, it is very hard to get.


  4. Lichu3

    Lichu3 New Member

    Caution should be used if ordering generics OVER THE INTERNET with pharmacies of unclear origins. It's hard to find, for a specific pill, the country of processing origin on Internet pharmacies.

    But I think the rules are different/stricter and therefore it's safer if the generic is actually ordered from U.S. pharmacies or picked up within the U.S. Some online Canadian pharms are also OK from what I read but proceed with caution.
  5. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hi lichu! the generic valtrex available now is not reliable..but in july of 2009 it will be....the patent expires and ranbaxy has obtained legal right to distribute the drug.


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