CFS Virus Identified??? I am not sure

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rickj44, Oct 13, 2009.

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    I found this, maybe you have seen it, i have a hard time believing that XMRV virus causing CFS, only because they are putting it in the same class as HIV ( retro-virus) and as we know HIV is contagious and CFS is not./.I am no scientist but just doesn't seem right.

    It is a condition that has baffled doctors for decades some even suggesting the symptoms were psychological. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition of prolonged and severe tiredness, body aches and other symptoms and affects 17 million people worldwide. CFS is a multi-systemic disease only previously diagnosed by a set of criteria, requiring that the symptoms must not be caused by other medical conditions, with severe mental and physical exhaustion, which is “unrelieved by rest”, is worsened by exertion and is present for at least six months.

    But on Thursday, an article published online in Science reported a viral correlation that could lead to surer diagnosis and an avenue for treatment. The study found that 67 percent of 101 chronic fatigue patients also had the infectious XMRV virus, or xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus. In contrast, 3.7 percent of 218 healthy people had the virus. According to Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, lead author of the paper, continuing research after the paper was published shows that almost 98 percent of 300 patients with the disease had antibodies to the virus.

    This indicated they had been infected with XMRV. Like HIV, XMRV is a retrovirus, and Mikovits plans to test antiretroviral AIDS drugs to see if they help chronic fatigue patients. Although more research is needed, Mikovits thinks that XMRV does cause chronic fatigue. Dr Mikovits said: ‘With those numbers, I would say, yes we’ve found the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. We also have data showing that the virus attacks the human immune system.’
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    I read that book and just didn't understand. how it could be then and not now..In the 13 yrs i have had this and been too support groups I have not heard of anybody giving CFS or Fibromyalgia to a family member.

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    Maybe, maybe not; it is up for debate if the outbreak was contagious. Osler's Web is a story of events, not scientific literature. Many top CFS Drs./researchers are at odds with each other over the "contagious outbreak" theme in this book.

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    The real kicker of this DD is that it is reportedly genetic...and does run in families. There are many on this board who have other family members with the same FM/CFS diagnoses. There are even some who have spouses with the same disease.

    For this reason, we are not allowed to donate blood....or at least in my state it's not allowed. As far as being contagious, I haven't heard that......and pray it's not. But who knows?
    It just "barely" exists in many people's minds (said sarcastically). ..........Jole
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    8 out of 10 people who have CFS/FM have also found to be positive for Lyme disease. Some believe it's even higher than 80%. More like 93%. See research of Lida Mattman (microbiologist) As long as the CDC and IDSA will not recognize the existence of chronic Lyme disease, we will never get anywhere with CFS & FM either.

    I'm seeing a new Lyme literate doctor who has specialized in CFS/FM for 19 years. She now believes (as I do) that the Borrelia species of bacteria are responsible for these fatigue based illnesses. She has gone back and looked at patients that she couldn't help before she had a light bulb (aha moment) and tested them for Lyme. About 90% of them have tested POSITIVE and many have recovered from this crud.

    According to the CDC, in order to test positive for Lyme, a person must have 2 positive tests: the Elisa and the Western blot. Is that required for a cancer diagnosis for instance? or any other illness? Where just ONE positive test gets you a whole lot of treatment and a proper diagnosis.

    The first test for Lyme is the ELISA which is 85% inaccurate. That almost always gets a person screened out before they can get a Western Blot. In order to test positive on the ELISA, one must have massive amounts of antibodies which is usually found with a giant swollen joint. This is an immune reaction to the bacteria. But what about others who have antibodies but not enough to make the cut off for a positive? We should have NO antibodies to Borrelia.

    Before the IDSA monkeyed with the testing criteria for Lyme at the 1994 Dearborn Conference, the standard for a positive Lyme test was changing antibodies over time with serial western blot testing. In other words, 2-3 blots will show changing antibodies over time. (There is some revised WB criteria in my profile for those who have had a Western blot and been told it's negative.)

    I was constantly looking at CFS and FM based websites and reading literature for an incomplete diagnosis. I did this for close to 30 years because I believed my symptoms were real. I never questioned that my diagnosis was correct though and for that mistake I have paid and paid dearly. I will never get back the time that I wasted.
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    When we got sick in 1988 with "the flu" my mom brother and I all got sick but my dad and the 2 exchange students living with us didn't.

    We have always thought that it was a "common" virus that attacked a genetic defect that caused to get sick and never well again.
  7. quanked

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    My understanding is that CFIDS may be contagious. At least that is what it sound like to me in the New York Times article. It compared CFIDS infected to people infected with HIV that never get aids. Of course my understanding is limited as my brain has become limited.

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