CFS was talked about on local news

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1975jet, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Hi all- tonight our local news did a talk on CFS awareness- the young lady that spoke had CFS in her last years in High School- she was lucky- after 5 years she seems to be ok- but she talked about this disabling disorder and what it does. She also mentioned a doctor- Bell from nearby this area and how they are working to get this out that this is a 'Real' illness- not in someones head like many doctors and people think.

    In order for her to finish school and graduate, she was so ill that her parents had someone come to their home so she could accomplish this. She also had another women on that has had this for 11 years and cannot work even part time. She showed pictures of different people and stated they look ok but inside they are very sick. It was Very interesting, I am starting to hear so much more about this in the news media and seeing it in certain magazines- I hope this helps people-it is sad that there are these illnesses so disabling that are 'invisable' to the naked eye.. I, too am fighting with one or more of PPS, FMS &/or CFS.

    Hugs - wanted to share this- hang in & don't give up.. Janet
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    i hope you have better luck w/your case. take some of my advice and you will be fine.

    i have a friend in her early 60's if i remember correctly her cfs has come and went and also has reappeared again.

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    Hi Janet.....Where in N.Y. for Dr. Bell. Seems I have heard the name. I live in upstate N.Y.
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    I just posted the story under CFS story. This aired in Rochester.
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    Dr. Bell would be in Orleans County- it is a samll town-hold on my brain is trying to remember it starts with an'L'
    I believe it is Lyndonville........ I believe- this was done on Channel 10 News out of Rochester, NY - I think the gal was Jennifer that did the broadcast- Anyways, this Dr. Bell get people from all over the world... He looked like a nice man. Janet (My direction first will be Post Polio/ the Dr. I need to see to evaluate me is in NJ(Dr. Richard Bruno) BUT it is the other tests I need first.

    Which If the dang people would send me the denials for Medicaid and other health plan- I can get hopefully some help at Strong(Rochester) - they are just taking their sweet litte time.... why does everything have to take so much time... Especially Government things- my god if I did that at work- I would not have any customers left- they should be looking at us like clients.... (Better cool my jets) Hugs Janet
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    is trying to reach the masses about CFS and got an ad in People magazine and TV news broadcasts or something like that. i forgot and didn't have patience to watch the news.
    I see no one here mentions

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