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    i have just beeen diagnosed with cfs after 6 months illness. Would other sufferers advise whteher in their experience i would be better trying to continue part time at work although it wears me out or to stop work for a while.
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    This is not a cut and dried question. It depends on so many things. There is nothing in your profile that tells me about you.
    There are variations in severity of the illness. It depends on how you feel after work, whether you are sleeping, whether you have viral symptoms, whther you have pain,do you need a nap during the day? Do you have cognitive problems?
    Pacing yourself is crucial, especially soon after diagnosis. This means limitng your activities and resting in between any activity. I do know that getting the proper treatment early in your disease give you a better chance of recovery.
    I certainly don't think you should work any more than part time and if you can, taking a break would be ideal.

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    It's hard to answer your question, because everyone is different and levels of severity of illness and occupation can affect your ability to continue working.

    Maybe if you describe your situation a little more, the type of work you do, symptoms, severity, finances, etc. people might be able to give more helpful responses to you.

    In my case (I have CFS only-many here have FM or FM/CFS), I was taking so much sick time off from my full time job, that I was asked to leave and was awarded disability retirement. I could not physically work, even part time. For me, the only help for my CFS was rest.

    After a year and a half off work, I returned to part time work. I worked 15 hrs/wk for a year. Then a couple of months ago, I was able to return to full time work. I have had a return of the severe fatigue since I started full time work and have had to reduce my work hours to 34/wk.

    I don't know if you work full time now, but you could try going to part time and see if it helps. Or you could take Family Medical Leave (if your organization offers it) or maybe take a leave of absence. Check with your human resources office if you have one for info on your options.

    If you do need to quit or are fired for reasons related to CFS, I'd recommend filing for Social Security Disability and SSI on the first day that you are off work. It usually takes a long time to get approved for benefits (took me over a year-that's fast for SS) and is stressful.

    Hope this helps some. I know CFS is a difficult diagnosis, but there is hope. Rest as much as you can and take care of yourself, no matter what you decide to do jobwise. Don't feel you have to keep working, you need to put your health first.

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    Thanks for the advice. I am english and live in England and work as a manager in an accountants office which can be and has been quite stressful. i am currently taking some time out as suggested by my doctor who thinks i am also depressed. I was working part time but my 4 hrs kept turning into more and my workload wasnt reduced so i kind of got to a point where i was about to crack (just kept getting emotional)!! I was getting home and just sleeping for 2hours then waking up and in the evening my legs and arms would be throbbing. Ive now got a constant headache and sore throat.

    If i go back part-time they i say can carry out less stressful work but i dont know if i believe this will happen.

    Financially work has an insurance scheme which pays 2/3rds pay after 26 weeks sick time in a 52 week period so as long as i qualify for this scheme money should not be too much of an issue either way.

    Its more a question of which is better for my health - to try to keep busy by working part-time or to rest and avoid stress.

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    From your post saying how badly you feel after work and your dr saying you should be off work, it sounds like taking the sick leave might be something to seriously consider. Do you get paid for those 26wks of sick leave?

    When you feel much better you can always go back part time, since the company offers it. But if you push too hard to work and get sicker, working may not even be an option. Hope you're feeling better soon.


  7. nat1

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    Thanks everyone for your help and support.

    Just seen the doctor who has signed me off work for 6 more weeks and prescribed antidepressants so just have to see how it goes.