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  1. wickett

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    I zone out, and go to sleep. It does not matter where I am either. I played Bingo w/my sister and Dad on Monday. I almost fell asleep! my sister kept nudgeing me & telling me what to mark on my card. We were sitting at the table visiting and playing cards and I could not keep my eyes open. I fell asleep at church and she woke me up, I dropped my paper so she was picking it up to give it to me. Do any of you have this problem? I cannot remember anything! Its frustrating.....Help
  2. sues1

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    You did not add any of the other problems that comes with CFIDS. Even if you do have could also have sleep apenea.

    I have CFIDS and FIBRO and do not fall asleep like you do. Although I do get tired easily, etc.

    I had an energic hubby and he worked hard. All of a sudden he became like you described yourself. He was self employed
    that added to more stress as he would start to go to work and fall asleep in the chair as he put on his shoes. He saw several doctors that could not find anythig wrong. One Dr. told me that I just needed to boot him out the door, etc.

    I knew better. He was getting more and more depressed and of course upset with himself. We then saw something on TV about Sleep Apenea. It really fit my DH. We contacted his Dr. on this and he said that maybe it really was that and he just never thought of it, and should have. So appt. was set for the study.

    Here he has severe sleep apenea. Dr. said that it appeared because DH had given up smoking for one thing, that gave him a stimulate that he was used to.

    EUREKA......I got my hubby back. He uses a Cpap machine and does not mind it at all. He sleeps well. Sleep disorders can be dangerous to your health, so please see about having that checked. He was thrilled also. Blessings........
  3. Rosiebud

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    it sounds like you have Sleep Apnea. I've had severe CFS since 94 and never fallen asleep like that. I'm not saying you dont have CFS as well but I think you should get checked out for sleep apnea as it can be dangerous.

    With CFS you usually have a lot of sleep disturbance and inability to sleep properly, you dont fall asleep like that.

    Please get it checked out.

  4. wickett

    wickett New Member

    I take flexeril 10mg, 1 tablet at bedtime, Effexor XR 150 mg 1 an hour before bed, xanx 0.25 1 in the am & 2 one hour before bed. tramadol 50mg 2 at bedtime. This stuff ought to be knocking me out! I just go thru the day. I want to stay awake....yawn yawn....I have an appointment w/my rhuemy in January. Sleep Apnea I thought ppl who had that, either have trouble breathng or don't that right?
    I have gotten alot of answers on these boards, you guys are awesome. Doc wants me to walk and excersize, I could hurt myself! hahaha thanks!
  5. wickett

    wickett New Member

    How about these med's anyone take these?

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