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    I just received this via email, pass this on:

    Gregg Charles Fisher, a CFS patient, writes, "One of the most important pieces of advice I can give any friend or family member affected by CFS is to rely on the help of others. When our CFS support group first began, I imagined its sole purpose would be to help those of us with this illness cope with our affliction. I never dreamed it would also serve as a place where family and friends could find comfort and understanding.
    Don't be afraid to include your loved one among the people you go to for help. When my wife and I first became ill, I made the foolish mistake of keeping most of my emotions locked away, deep inside. I felt guilty burdening her with them; it seemed selfish to ask her to help me. I hoped that if I ignored my feelings, the problems and resentments would just go away. But suppressed emotions don't go away - they fester and grow."

    (Source: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A complete guide to symptoms, treatments, and solving the practical