CFSAC Meeting To Be Videocast

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    Thanks to Quayman for staying on top of this and being instrumental in getting this meeting to be videocast. I thought I'd make a new Thread with this info at the beginning because the other one was buried in another thread and I was having trouble finding it.

    It sounds like we will be able to view this at our own convenience at any time after the 27, is that right?

    The following message was sent by Rebecca Artman:

    Good news!

    Wanda has made arrangements with NIH to have the
    CFSAC meeting accessible via videocast.

    The technology will provide access to those
    individuals unable to attend the meeting in person
    and support on demand access after the meeting
    since the proceedings will be archived.

    The link to the video cast will be made active on the
    day of the meeting (Wednesday, May 27, 2009) on
    the NIH Video cast website:

    Please note: RealPlayer is required to view the
    videocast, and users can download the latest version
    of RealPlayer:

    It’s recommended that users test their computer and
    network connection here:

    The videocast information will be posted on the
    CFSAC webpage and also available in an automated
    message generated from the CFSAC mailbox.

    Jean Harrison
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    Hi Teejkay,

    I'm 99.5% sure one can watch it later.
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    Thanks Quayman :)

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