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    anyone out there with CFS, going thru or has gone thru menopause? I have had CFS for 18 years I barely can work part time but this year, when the hot flashes, very bad insomnia started my fatuge worsened. I take Ambien, it gives me at least 4 hours of sleep & I am currently using pro-gest cream & red clover so my flashes have gone from
    4 an hour to maybe 4 a day and not as insense, my sleep is a tiny bit better which is all weel and good but the fatgue is so bad i had to take a leave of absence. My dr is a great guy but i have never found a M.D., who helped my fatgue I helped myself, using various supplements, 12 years ago my old dr at least diagnosed me but told me there is nothing that really helps. I have been in variouS,CFS chat rooms AND NEVER MET ANYONE WHO WASNT TOTALLY DISABLED, either that or I've read of people who suffered a few years and went back to status quo. Any advice?? are naturpaths quacks or can they help????
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    I don't think chat rooms are very good places to meet people who aren't totally disabled. Those folks tend to have other things to do with their (still-limited) energy.

    Try to keep this in mind or you'll get really depressed really fast. At least tht's my experience.

    I had those same symptoms when I went through pre-menopause/menopause. It went away with bioidentical estrogen. (This is supposedly safer than Premarin, which is made from the urine of pregnant horses, thus the name: Pre(gnant) Mar(e) (Estrog)in.) I use the vivelle patch, which delivers Estrodiol and has to be changed every three days. Check the recent post "Bioidentical Hormones" for more info. You also could read Suzanne Somers' book as an intro to the subject.

    BTW, at age 38 my period disappeared. (Two of my aunts went through early menopause, and so I was not sure whether this was CFS related or not.)) I had a lot of pre-menopause symptoms before that, and they continued after my periods stopped. About a year ago I started taking 20 mg of NADH per day. My periods immediately resumed. The pre-menopause symptoms continued, anyway.

    I think some naturopaths are quacks and some can help, at least a little.
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    well that gives me hope, got a little worried I was reverting all the way to the beginning, I am almost as exhausted as I was back when this mess started!
    Is the bio-identical hormone more effective than Pro-Gest cream?
    I must say it has worked so well for hot flashes, its amazing!
    I think you are right I never go in these chat rooms unless I am at my worst,when I am at half-speed im busy functioning in these full-throttle world we live in. I am going to check that book out .
    thanks, !

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