Challenge for the new year,will you do it?

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    I saw a woman on TV years ago,she told a story about her life.Her husband was the provider in the family,she didn't work.He had a day job and piddled with making toys and wooden objects in his workshop at night.He died and she was left with small children to raise.She had a dream one night,in the dream God told her to stand on his word.She opened her bible and the first scripture she read was..NOW faith is the substance hoped for the evidence of things not seen.She decided to look up every word in that verse and write it down.She said she decided to literally stand on God's word so she put the piece of paper she wrote on in her shoe.She continued to pray for God's guideance.One day she went into her husband's wookshop to see what he been working on before he had died.There was a toy show coming to her town so she decided to take some of the things he was working on.One item was a wooden object with wheels,it also had a bear like figure painted on it for decoration.At this show she sold several of the wooded objects we now know as a skateboard.The little bear object was so cute another company bought the rights to manufacture it as a stuffed animal.She is now a multi-millionaire.She described what a challenge it was to learn the business aspect of a corporation.She did it one day at a time.I myself took this challenge,I wrote the scripture down ,looked up all the words,put it in my shoe.I also made a want list,physically,mentally,spiritually,financially.I wanted to travel...I did Austrailia,New Zealand,Hawaii,california...I started a new trippled in 3 years,I became closer to God attended a bible college, and mentally i became secure that God loves me and he is no respector of persons.What he will do for one he will do for another.Will you take the challenge and do this?What do you have to lose?I have told this to several people the ones that have done this have had their list fullfilled in part,I can say I have recieved everything I have ever written down. I have done this for over 15 years. Keep me posted.My want list now consist of I want something to be excited about,to have fun, help others,be a teacher and encourager of others, a way of having a good income doing this.I'll keep you posted as well.