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    Hi niceone, I agree with you about diet and Fibromyalgia.I am eating only organic food now, filtered water, take codliver oil capsules. I gave up dairy and take soya instead. I also eat very little wheat. I also havr Candida and am on a new product called 3 Lac. You must avoid sugar when you are on this as sugar feeds the Candida. I feel better already and its only a week since I started it. I gave up my pain medication and take Valerian a herb for sleeping. I also find it good to help you to relax.

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    Diet is incredibly important in this disease. When I gave up wheat, within three days I felt like I had spent my entire life inside a tunnel and came out into the light for the first time. It's been three years now, and I believe that if I had not given up wheat I would no longer be able to work. Instead, my FM is manageable and I can live my life.