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    My husbby is out of town till wed, night late. Last night I went up town to just waste time because I hate being alone at home at night. I finally got tired, and came home I tred to relax and go to sleep, I went to bed with a tiny DVD player and watched it play for a while and could not sleep so I came out and played on line but fell alseep till 4 am and then went back to bed and slept till 7am took my morning meds and felt so fatiqued that I slept till 1 or 2 pm and made my slef get up and eat luch, but every time I sat down my eye's would close and I would drop off to sleep and wake up in a few moments .Some times I would sleep for a half hour to an hour but all day long I was so fatiqued that it was a struggle to stay awake.
    I dont' know why this happens to me but every few weeks I have a couple of days were I can't stay awake for love nor money. I am so tired of feeling so fatiqued that I can't stay awake. NOw I am WIDE awake and I should be relaxing and head for bed soon. What is going on with my body lately?