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    It has dawned on me that every article, every person, all mentions that many doctors do not beleive in this...etc.
    Some blames it also on childhood abuse, including sexual.

    We help to keep this as important to mention. But it takes away from the seriousness of our illness. Also takes important space or airtime where awareness and researching could be spoken of.

    Let that part die....lets not speak in public, even to our friends and relatives of this anymore. Let us devote more to getting well by only spreading awarness of this, without any mental messages. It sounds like an excuse or that we are covering up something. Let us be more serious.

    In olden times people with MS was put into mental wards, same with some other diseases. But no one mentions that anymore. Refuse to even hear it from anyone. If anyone mentions that in any way....just smile and say, "yes, they USED to think that".

    But on this board it is okay. We need to vent and speak of all of it. We need each other to share all with. But otherwise lets stop telling people that some doctors thinks it is mental or used to think it. Just drop that part so we can be taken more seriously.We do it so much that everyone always mentions it. It does not need or deserve to be mentioned any longer.

    Love and Blessings................Susan

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    Your posting brought tears to my eyes. How kind of you.

    I was stubborn for a very long time and would not use carts (electric scooters), in the stores. I did not want to give in to this. One day I walked into a store and my legs turned to rubber and I was ready to fall. I barely made it to the nearby bench. My DH knew what was wrong and said he would get me a cart. I at first protested and then thought, well its a way to make it back to the car. LOL.

    He had been after me for a long time to use them. Well, I love to shop with a cart now. In fact I got one of my own

    But I should of earlier. Just like a therpist told me once....on inside house doors, use the palm of your hand to open doors. I told her then that if I did not use it, I would lose it. She said, "that is true for everything except what you have. By doing things an easier way, you might have a little energy and hands able to write a letter or sew or such,Do not waste your energy during the day unnecessarily". Wow, I never thought of that when I would not use scooter.

    Now I have problems walking for the most part.

    We are different and we are also tougher than we ever knew.
    I told my grand daughter that I was glad that we were all different and even liked different things. She asked why and I said I would have a tough time fighting off all those women after your grandpa".....LOL.

    We have much to laugh at.......Love, Susan