Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

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    This philosophy certainly HELPS a lot. I just got off the phone with a friend who I get so tired of trying to get her to change her mind, if I didn't like her a lot, I'd not bother.....

    This friend deals with Type II diabetes and outside of that pretty healthy at 82....She goes back and forth working on her diabetes and takes Metformin, which she says she hates to take....but is in the HMO world of medicine. I've told her about alternatives for the diabetes and have read that one can do a lot for themselves with type 2. Metformin has it's list of possible side effects and I believe she has some of these side effects like gastro issues....she pops tums too....also a no no...

    Anyway, the major motto of Science of Mind is: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life...

    It's None of My Business what Others Think of Me. Too many go thru life worrying about what others think, I was there years ago.... This is a subject my friend seems to struggle with, she thinks people won't like her if she speaks her mind. I was trying to work with her on this which prompted my putting this online....too MANY worry about what others think of them.....

    Finally, The Glass is Half Full get the mind from thinking lack and fear, etc...

    I found Science of Mind back in the early 80's after some years of searching to rid my mind of the religion I was born into. I no longer go to their churches or study groups, but one does NOT forget this New Age philosophy.......jam
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    Just heard Bill Clinton talk at Maya Angelou's memorial and I've read some of Mya's works over the years and Clinton said of Mya's words....when we wake up we have choices... she was truly a great inspiration....
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    Hi Jam, Maya Angelou was a great woman, poet, writer, speaker. Such a huge inspiration to so many people!

    I read many of her autobiographies over the years. I loved/love the sound of her voice - so rich and deep and expressive. I've been watching many videos of her speaking on youtube as a private memorial, of my celebrating her.

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    Judy, a friend gave me her book in 1993: Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now...and I've weeded out so many books over the years but kept her's....true, such a "rich" person in all aspects. I started on my spiritual journey in the early 80's or thereabouts and it's been a great journey for me and I've loved every step. Lots of wisdom tucked in this old brain. I don't do much these days, but continue with my activism work as little as it is on the toxic chemicals mess...and my horrid distaste for the industrial war complex....I'd bet Maya would go along with me on these. Hope you are well. jam
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    To me, it's not about bashing any one religion. If we no longer "fit" into the religion we were raised in, we are free to explore others. We are free to hang on to things which still serve us well and get rid of those which do not. I hate dividing people into religious groups. There is great diversity among practitioners in any one religion. We are all children of God.

    There is not doubt that one cannot separate the mind, spirit and body. My motto is "Seeing Is Not Believing; Believing Is Seeing." It's no great, deep philosophy. It came from the "Santa Clause" movie; however, it's true. The minute we start to believe, regardless of which philosophy or religion, it's as though a curtain has been lifted and we see things we never saw before. When we are ready to learn or evolve, the means of our spiritual growth appear as though by magic.

    Part of what I believe has been my success in healing is believing that God loves me and healing is possible. If someone doesn't heal, it doesn't mean that person doesn't believe or deserve. We are all different and on different life paths. I've had to struggle to heal but never, ever gave up. It seems that as soon as I heal one thing, another takes its place. I continue to believe and try to grow in spirit. Then, I do the best I can with my mind and body ad leave the rest to God.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, as I've been on this earth close to 76 yrs, I've come to believe I'm my "god"ess....if there is a supreme being then there is, but for me I can't grasp that anymore. I direct myself to my healing tools, don't think there is something out there supreme doing friends are all supreme to me as they often take me to some healings I involve myself in.'s true we all have our own paths and beliefs.... jam
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    Everything I've "heard" about controlling diabetes is ridding oneself of sugar/ friend has really worked on this but her sugars still get out of control at times.....she has a great book she follows on occasion about eating very lean chicken (small portion) and she does eat some beef but working to eat smaller portions.....she often talks about her "love" for a steak and would eat a lb steak.....I am her friend but am a toughlove friend,,,,to try to get her to "see" things differently, all for her health MOSTLY.

    For best health all need to think and do: protein, veggies and clean water.....

    The world is always having issues and we can't control the world thinking and doing......
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    Just saw a guy talk on one of the TED programs on Netflix. He's a doc who now believes that, with insulin resistance, it isn't that people eat too much, get fat and get IR; it's that even a skinny person can get IR and it's the IR which causes the overeating and weight gain. It happened to him and he put on 40 lbs. overnight. He dieted and took off the weight but now has a different perspective on how IR, and Type II Diabetes, works. My ex has Type II diabetes and is eating himself to death in from of our kids. It is literally killing him and emotionally killing the kids. I'm sure his guilt and emotional problems play a significant part too.

    Love, Mikie