Changed pain meds and found that I don'tneed as many perday

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    I have been taking Mscontin and MSIR for several years. This year my insurance has gone nuts and have placed my meds on a tier three level so they cost $38.00 each, and my soma is $17.39 and my xanax is $17+ change as well, I asked my rehumey to change my MSIR to Hydromophone as it is $6.00 instead of the $38.00. I have don't take the hydromophne at bedtime with the MScontin, and soma. and surprisingly I don't need it.
    I had to change my pharmacy to get the new medicatoin and it took two weeks to get it in and what a pain in the butt that was. But I haev found out that most days and nights i only take two instead of the 4 prescribed. I have oly had a few days where I have taken three pills in a 18-24 hours.

    If I take the 3 a day of the hydrompnone I will need to refill it on March 1 and I filled it January 12th. So I think I am doing good. I may need less but I know I won't use the 4 a day because I was not useing it with the MSIR. I am going to keep reducing my meds till I can get them to some thing less strong and cheaper to buy. I don't like taking all the meds I am taking now. I wish that I had not ever gotten on such strong narcoitics in the first place.

    I so wish that I was on some thing like at the strongest perocet 10 and the least 5-10 mg depending on how bad my pain is. I think that the reason I take such strong meds now is becasue of the pain doctor I went too who suddenly put me on Oxycontin and when he stopped practicing pain management the only pain doctor I could see close by was one who felt that the stronger the better.

    The strong meds worked better for me when I was working and on my feet all day long. But now I am sitting at home waiting for my car to get fixed and going nuts. I try to get out side daily and walk a block or so, it is not much but I live in a small town with out sidewalks so if the now is bad I don't walk. I don't use a ellectric cart in the stores any more I walk all over WAlmart.

    Even though I have many pain conditions like oesteoarthitis in both knees, DDD, MPS, spineal stenois,bullging discs and jkust falling apart. I know my limits and I try to stay with in them and not over do it. Yes I still have my flare days that I want to sit and cry all day.

    But I have found that if I take a hot bath with some LUSH bath prodcuts I feel better and relax more so the pain ease's. only porblem is that LUSH is spendy and I don't get a lot of money from SSDI. I thought I had found the best body wash , it is called wintermint from Soft soap and I got three bottles before they stopped making it for the holidays. I am going to have to find some thing like it soon as it helps me to feel better.]
    I hope to be able to reduce my meds in teh next year since they are so strong and I Hope and pray that I will be able to do it. I don't like taking them and my kids hate me taking them as does my hubby and my rehumy. So I am going to work hard to reudce teh stongest meds I am on. I Know that it sounds dumb to reduce some thing that ease's your pain but they don't always work and I don't see why I should keep on spending money when the meds are not helping me like they used to and I don't want to increase them and my doctor won't any way.

    I can't take lyricia as I am one who gets all the unusal side effects, I have tried cymbalta and it was not a good thing it was scarey, and left me feeling so exhusted and angry all the time. Most antidepressants don't work for me I get the strange side effects and it is not worth it to me to try some thing that first is going to cost me a small fortune and second 99% of the time I react in a bad way with side effects so why try them? I am already over weight so taking lyricia is not smart for me , heck I gained weight taking depro provera shots[birth control} and have never been albe to lose that weight gain of 70 lbs.

    I had a total hyesterectopmy in 2000 and have not needed any th8ing for birth control since my OBGYN reemoved every thing female in my body amas well as my appendix .

    there is a part of me that is terrified about reduceing my pain meds , I am so scared that the pain will become worse again and I will be up a creek with out the meds I am on now. I can't stand pain and don't do well with it at all.

    Thanks for letting me ramble on about my plans. Pray for me that they work so I can function better in teh real world and be able to make my gi rls feel better about me baby sitting my grandkids. I don't want to be a zombie around them. But that too is not all from the meds. My fibro can make me so fatiqued that I can't think straight or remember what happened yesterday or before. I hate it. I have to accept my limits and learn how to deal with the pain I have to live with. I don't want to feel like I am a druggie due to the meds I take to ease my pain.

    Sorry about all the complaing about everything
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    i think that is a very good plan, trying to reduce you pain meds. im sure you have read that time and time again on this board. but it is a very hard and scarey thought. i understand. im in the same boat with the sleeping stuff, trying to change meds, but afraid to stare at the ceiling for days in the interim

    i will pray for you to succeed.

    hugs, joanie

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