Changes for my son some good, some not so good

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by alaska3355, Dec 29, 2006.

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    First of all, he is withdrawing from school. I don't think it was a brain fog issue- he just was not that motivated to study. He is going to look for employment again. He held a summer job in a fast food restaurant and enjoyed making some money. Now, at 19, we think he is old enough to have a job and be more responsible. We aren't suggesting he move out- he's not ready for that. CFS has set him back some on the maturing process. But here's the interesting part- his brain fog and most of his CFS symptoms have disappeared! Since he had the flu right before Thanksgiving, he has not had brain fog again! He is at least 90 % recovered. I don't know what to attribute it to...only that he had his fillings replaced a year ago. So I'm thankful, but wondering what his future will be without college. I know that a lot of people aren't cut out for college, so I'm hoping he'll find his niche. I plan to keep in contact here....I'm addicted! Terri
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    I wouldn't worry about the college part for now. Many people take awhile to figure out what they want to do and he has plenty of time to go back if he chooses.

    I'm glad he's feeling better....


    Nancy B
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    You wrote, "but wondering what his future will be without college." My sister, who is a special education teacher , has a son who had a learning disability. He graduated from high school and had NO intentions of going to college. He went to a trade school and is very successful in his own business now.

    If your son doesn't want to go to college, is he good with his hands??? If so, there will always be a demand for skilled labor. plumbers, heating, carpentry, cabinet building, electricians, auto repair, etc.

    You sound like a good mom. Your son is very lucky to have you. With your guidance, he will become a successful man. Soft hugs.

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    To Joyfully- he is not interested in working with his hands. His main interests are computer games and writing fiction. So maybe he'll find something in one of those areas. But he is feeling well enough to hold down some sort of job, so we will give him time and some "helpful hints" in finding one!
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    I'm so happy to hear your son is well. As for college, it's often overated. My son did 5 years of college, 2 on music and 3 on computer technology and hasnt been able to find a job with the skills he learned.

    Your boy is young, if he wants he can always go back to education but it's good to let him do what he wants to do, he's had a very tough few years. College isnt for everyone there are many people out there who have made fantastic livings without college education.

    As for mature boys........Terri.......boys take SO long to mature, my son is 25 going on 19.


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    Did you ever have a urine provocation test done on him for heavy metals? Just wondering, it would've been interesting perhaps to compare to see if that was it or not. What made you decide he should have all the mercury amalgams replaced? Just curious...

    I'm sure he'll find something soon. He probably just needs time to 'catch up' on being 19 and enjoying life anyway.

    all the best,

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    Rosiebud- thanks for your words of wisdom. It's good to know he's not alone in maturing slowly!

    Victoria- We had a doc who is a GP but had a special interest in diet and mercury poisoning. He took one look in John's mouth and that was his first guess....that the mercury needed to come out. We went to him for a couple of months, but couldn't afford the prices. He doesn't bill insurance and a lot of his procedures are not recognized as "worthy". He did a mercury urine test and he did have a lot of mercury in his system. We didn't do an "after" test.....but time (and prayer) have healed him. It took a full year after the amalgam removal to really see the improvement. I have given him some detox, but not regularly. He's tried cilantro pesto, spirulina tablets, and detox tea (hated it!). But, I won't question his improvement - I'm just thankful! Terri
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    I have heard of cases every so often where everything is solved after the fillings are replaced.

    I did come up high on mercury, but chelation and complete/proper removal have not helped - but I am not sad I spent the $$$ as it can only help my immune system ultimately anyway. Just wish it had been THE answer for me too!

    But HURRAH for your son!


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    Omeeomy- my daughter and her family went to Oregon to visit relatives for a few days, then they will come back here and stay until Jan. 5th. It's been so great to see them.

    Spacee- Interesting comment about the timing of detox....our doc started him on the Chemet sooner. I forgot to mention he took that, but he didn't take it regularly at all. I agree that prayer works! Terri
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    In Europe int is common for young people to do a "gap year" before college, this means either working or volunteering for a year.

    It is a good thing.

    He will work it through.

    Love Annie Cromwell
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    It's always nice to hear from you- thanks for writing. Yes, I guess my son just needs a bit of time to find himself. Of course he's looking for employment of some sort but this time of year is a hard time for job hunters. But I am so thankful that he is better- he can stay up later now and not pay for it the next day! That's something to celebrate!