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    Has anyone ever experienced changes in your eyesight when the barometric pressure drops? It isn't real painful but it is scary. My sight becomes gray and under water like, gradually and the gradually comes back to normal. just before it goes back to normal it is very bright and clear! I get neck pain and sometimes a slight headache. I have been told it was an aura related to migranes. I haven't had a migrane since going on blood pressure medication for six months. ~10 years ago I was treated for seizures but for some reason the spot on the brain went away, probably misdiagnosed. I also experience a very cold nose, almost like the blood flow is decreased to the sinuses. Any idea what could be going on?
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    There is a connection between high BP and high pressure on the eyes. It can lead to Glaucoma. Or, it could be something else but you need to find out what. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie