changing antidepressants or upping them?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Moonlite, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Moonlite

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    with all your experiences..when an antidepressant does not work as well do you think changing dosage work or is it time for a new one..remeron at a very low dosage helped me but now there is alot of stress and burn out in my job and it is not working as well and I am taking ativan as well..any suggestions..I will go to my doctor but he really often goes along with my own ideas.
  2. Moonlite

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    \Sounds like a good plan..just try double for a few days or weeks..I am on a low dosage anyways..thanks.
  3. hehmommy

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    We were thinking the same thing about my hubby's meds until his Pychiatrist suggested to first try to cut down on the stress because he said that stress will make you feel like your meds aren't working. Stress can cause all kinds of problems even for those of us that don't experience depression on a daily basis. I say try to find some ways to help you deal with the stress then if you aren't feeling better then discuss meds. Long showers-a good book-walking-stretching-a good diet-something fun to do on the side from work. Changing meds and tweaking doses aren't always a fun thing to go thru. My hubby has BiPolar and his doctor said that even on meds he will still have the depression and anxiety. No meds will completely take that away (I wish they did).

  4. Moonlite

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    I know stress has been more lately..but it is my job and I have to work and things are better at work but I am still exhausted..I have been doing things differently at work and home this week and I am going to also try to increase my dosage for a short while to see if that can help..thank you all for your loving care....I will keep you all posted.
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    HI ..I did try your idea and it seems to improved my fatigue a great deal..doubled strength and went back on regular remeron instead of the generic one..thanks so much..I will keep you posted but I feel better now...not 100 per cent but much better...thanks again.