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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JQP, May 26, 2003.

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    I've been on Vioxx, co-dydramol,and amytriptiline for a few years. Have come off the amy - and am now awaiting the next round of: let's see what this one will do.

    I'm exhausted from poor sleep, but at least I can get out of bed in the morning without the drug hangover. I'd forgotten what that was like, but the pain and fatigue are horrendous.

    Anyone got any suggestions as to what I can suggest to my doctor (sometimes receptive) as to what he can try for me, if it worked for you????


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    if you do a search in the box above on "antidepressants" and "sleep', you will find previous posts on different meds and how people reacted to them.There have been numerous suggestions on this board from prescriptive to natural on things that help.

    I have been sleeping better from taking magnesium injections, because my magnesium level was almost non-existant. There is a product on this site that is called ZMA, that people say help with the qualtiy of sleep. It has magnesium and other things in it. But be forewarned, some have to start taking it a 3 PM and move the dose later slowly. I took it at bedtime and it kept me up!