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    good morning..
    went to doc yesterday, going off ambien as it seems to do nothing at all. trying klonipin again. allso starting black cohosh root and coral calcium with magnesium and vitamn d. does anyone know how much of this stuff to take and the best time of day to take it? (not the klonipin, doc told me that) also trying to give up my crystle light peach tea! aftificial sugars are bad i guess? thanks guys, your the best

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    I take the black cohosh for PMS and only take when symptoms first begin and I buy online. I take 3-4 a day during this time. I tried buying it at Health Food Store abd buying from Amazon on line is much cheaper. What did the Doc say the COhosh would do for you?
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    trying to stop night sweats from menopause. maybe will help with sleep. coral calcium for urinary tract that seems to be on the fritz somehow. don't have a bladder infection. always feel the need to urinate even right after i've gone??? after 2 doeses have noted a slight improvment. i wonder if i should still take my estroven with the cohosh? good greif this DD is#*%)(#!!!! sorry LOL but isn't it though?
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