Changing over anti-depressant.

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  1. Shazzy

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    Hi Everyone.

    I am present coming off anti-depressant Remeron. On Tuesday i am told to start taking 50mg of new anti-depressant prothidan and also on the last week of remeron at 15mg. My question is.... I have heard that you should come off and start new drugs very slowly. If that is the case should i finish the remeron completely first and should i start on 25mg of prothidan at a slower rate?
    Bare in mind i am told to do this change by a pychartrist who dont believe in ME.

  2. LisaMay

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    is a very delicate matter. I am not familiar with the ones you are taking. Who prescribed them? If it was your shrink, he/she should have given you explicit instructions on changing over. If you have any doubts, I would consult my PCP or a medical professional that you trust.

    When I switched, I lowered the current while starting the new. This was for a week. Finally when I was at the lowest dose of the first and went to every other day while continuing with the 2nd one. At the end, I completely dropped the first and was fully on the 2nd.

    Check with your doctor! It is not something that you want to guess about. Lisa
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    As far as I know usually you reduce the amount over days or weeks before stopping and have a break before starting a new one. That's what happened to me, I've just come off Cipramil and onto Prozac and I went alternate days before stoping cipramil and had a few days of nothing before starting the prozac. I don't know anything about Remeromn though. Have you tried looking it up on netdoctor? I find they help sometimes.