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  1. kirbycat

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    Here is Georgia, the temperature is HIGH-lower 80's LOW- lower 50's, with low humidity, my symptoms are much better. I am very hot/cold sensitive, when the weather was 98+ and high humidity, I could not go outside. I felt like I would pass out in 5-10 mins. On the other hand, If I got in the cool air conditioned house or car, I would shiver. I felt alot of pain with either direction of the temp.

    I am really dreading winter this year. But I do live in the south, with moderate winter temps. I really feel sorry for those of you who live in the EXTREME COLE!

    I lived in Cleveland Ohio for a couple of years long ago, I had never been out of the deep south, I nearly froze for 2 years. I could never get warm enough.
    I really didn't know how to dress for the cold.

    Then, later I moved to Germany, there I was taught how to dress for the cold temps. Layering, keeping your head, hands and feet warm really helped me alot. I found I could go out in a tee shirt, sweater, hat, gloves and warm socks and boots and never put on a coat. I was truly amazing for this southern girl.

    Here's to learning!!
  2. crumpton

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    Every time I go to walk my dog even around noon it feels WONDERFUL!!

    I feel wonderful (well make that better) than I do in summer with the high humidity.

    This time of year I feel like just raising my arms and twirling around and around if I could!!!

    I love this weather. It helps my mood so much too!!
  3. TLI

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    Mid summer here is very hot and dry. The dry weather helps a lot with the pain, but the intense heat does not. For a month or so we had no humidity and mid 70s to low 80s. It was wonderful! I walked and played outside with the kids. Now the weather is turning cold and wet. Sure makes the body ache. Someday, when all my kids are grown and my Husband retired, we will spend our days where the weather stays nice year round! he he... is there such a place, besides my dreams??
  4. happycanuk

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    I live in Western Canada, where the winter temps can get pretty cold (30 below or so). This usually lasts for a few days and then it starts to warm up (for me). I feel the best during the winter as it dry and cold. The OA doesn't act up as much and the FM pain is kind of under control.

    You learned how to dress for the cold alright. Those hot summers you have are also humid, and that would be soooo bad for me. Don't envy you that!
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    This is my favorite time of year!! Not to Hot~~~~Not to Cold!! Just right! The fall colors are Beautiful! Montana Gets Very cold in the witer time!! Thats when the pain Kicks in to the highest Level!

    The only reprive from Winter temps is a hot Bath and the Heat turned up to about 70 degrees !! and as little outdoor time as possible!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Right now it's about 65 to 70 degrees during the day and upper 30's at night ! So strange how our Bodies react to the Temps!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Here's wishing you pain free days!!,,,,,,,,,,Sydney


    I really need to move to a place where it isn't so hot, or at least if it is hot during the day it colls off at night.

    I remember a trip to Pennsylvania a few years ago and it was very hot during the day and it would cool off at night and we would sit on the porch and we could even leave the windows open at night when we slept. It's wonderful.

    This time of year when the humidity goes down and the temperature is nicer, I feel so much better I feel like getting out and working in the yard and doing more things outside. My state of mind even changes, it's amaizing! I don't feel as depressed.

    I have lived in Tampa all my life and I can't stand it anymore, especially since my County (Hillsborough) was just ranked the highst in the nation in deadly traffic accidents, I hate going anywhere for all the nuts on the road. There are flower memorials just about every 5ft on the roads.


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