charlenef----question for you?

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    You stated you are bedbound and have been for 2-1/2 years. What do you mean, exactly?
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    most of the time .i do stretch and use a tennis ball on tha wall for therapy but that is about it for exercise. i can get out of bed for about 20 min at a time it is hard for me to sit or stand .i can do some house work but i have to rest for about an hour before i can even think of moving again . i cant go food shopping or do laundry. every once in awhile i go to a small store but i can only take what i can carry because i cant push a cart and that has to be on a good day other wise i cant drive. ive use 1/4 tank of gas in the last month and a half i dont visit anyone and cant go to any holiday with my family that is one of the toughest.90% of my day im in bed. i rated myself on hayleys scale about a 15. hope this helps exsplain what i mean. charlene