Charles Phoenix's Disneyland Tour of Downtown Los Angeles

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    I really liked this video...Found it especially for you Rockgar!

    Higher resolution:

    YouTube's version:
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    Thanks for the post. I couldn't get the urls to work, so I posted the name of the tour in the search window, and that did it.

    Looks like a fun tour. Been to all those places, some of them many times. Carroll Street, where all the Victorian homes are, is one block from the house owned by Gordon and his mother.

    It is frequently used by TV and film makers.

    The only problem w/ the tour for our gang would be all those stairs to climb.

    Some of the great landmarks of LA that were here when I came are gone now. The Ambassador Hotel, home of the night club The Coconut Grove, still exists but has been closed for years.

    I used to take my mother there for lunch. They had an elegant buffet (w/ ice sculptures) at a very reasonable price.

    The nearbye restaurant shaped like a hat, The Brown Derby, closed a couple decades ago. That's the one Lucy visited when William Holden got a cream pie in the face.

    The famous night clubs of the 40s like Ciro's are gone. But Musso and Franks Restaurant is still open. Founded in 1928 UI think.

    The Hollywood Bowl still has concerts all summer. The Olympic Stadium used in the 30s and the 80s is still there, but I don't think it is being used.

    Griffith Park, the world's largest city park, is still there: contains the zoo and the Gene Autry Western Museum. My son took his daughter on the pony ride there. Wanted her to enjoy the same ride I took him on decades earlier.

    The observatory, where the final scene of Rebel W/O a Cause took place is still active. Almost anywhere you turn there is history. A few blocks from us is the Amy Semple McPherson temple, still in use. Gelson's market is on the site of Walt Disney's first studio.

    The elegant Bullocks Dept Store w/ Art Deco furnishing closed a few decades ago. The malls put it out of business. The building is now the library of my old law school which is across the street.

    Thanks for the post. Brought back memories.
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    I have been to a few of those places It was fun to see...I liked the juxtaposition of Disneyland/LA LA Land. I also liked the quirkyness about it...made it fun.

    I do miss it out there...I hope you are staying warm also.

    If I dig up anymore good videos, I'll post them...I found a funny one about the TV series "Lost" that Weird Al Yanckovic did...Thats under the "Lost" Thread.

    We'll have to talk some more about LA...I did do the Revlon Run/Walk for women 5K for breast and ovarian Cancer in 2003...That went thru USC area and ended in the Olympic Stadium...That was at my peak energy out there.

    Man, I felt so much better out there : (

    Well, tomorrow is another day...

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    I'll have to watch the whole thing tomorrow.

    Rockgor: Have you ever seen pictures of the massive set for the 1916 D.W. Griffith silent epic, Intolerance? It was used for the Babylon story in the film. The set was somewhere toward the eastern end of Sunset Boulevard. Is that somewhere near you and Gordon?

    One summer, when I visited my uncle and cousins in Sepulveda, I got to play golf at different courses around LA: Griffith Park, Balboa, Valencia.

    My uncle lives in Pasadena now, across the street from William Christopher, Father Mulcahy from MASH.
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