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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by OlWolf, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. OlWolf

    OlWolf New Member

    I don't know why I can find lists of FMS/CFIDS docs... but can't find a list for Charlottesville, VA. I went to a UVA group and couldn't stand the head doc's attitude of "it's all in your head" - so I fired him. I'm having trouble finding another. I called one doc here reccomended by someone in my support group, and found out they don't take Medicaid... I'm on Disability and have no other insurance except the Medicaid. The Co-Cure list here has one doc "nearby" but that's all the way up in Weyer's Cave area... hours away! I live alone and have to drive myself - that's too far with this condition... not to mention gas $ I don't have a lot of.
    I wish there were folks who could help me here near Home!
  2. saphire27

    saphire27 New Member

    Opposite of you, it's far too though. My family doc, is really good, very nice. She's in christiansburg VA,

    But thats probally to far for you.
    I have fm cfs and plenty more.

  3. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    What kind of Dr are you looking for in Charlottesville?

  4. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I wish I could help you. I see my family doc and as it is, he is not in the network of our insurance company anymore. :( I'm in Chester, VA. I have been to pain specialists, psychiatrists, PT, massage, neurologists, and never found the help that I have found with my family doc.

    I don't think my doc takes Medicaid either. The reason we stay with him is that he doesn't take new Medicare patients and I'm 56, so want to stay with his outfit.

    I'll try to keep your post bumped so others in your area can view it.

    Good luck to you!


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  5. Treca

    Treca New Member

    I'm a newbie to the board and my husband and I are from C'ville VA. I found a doctor in Orange VA. It's about 45mins to an hour depending on traffic. His name is Dr. Randolph Merrick. He was the one that diagonised me 6 years ago when I was 20. He is WONDERFUL. I absolutly love him and he has been helping my dad with his back problems as well. I don't know if he is taking anymore patients at the time but it wouldn't hurt to try.

    Here is his address and phone numbers.

    Dr. Randolph Merrick
    303 N Madison Rd. Suite B
    Orange, VA 22960-1015
    Phone: 1-540-661-0263
    Fax: 1-540-672-5082

    I hope that he can help you like he did me. He was a god send when no one else was.
  6. OlWolf

    OlWolf New Member

    Yeah... Christiansburg's to far. Thanks anyway.
  7. OlWolf

    OlWolf New Member

    Someone who actually takes Medicaid, and don't treat me like a psycho-case.
    I read about the other woman who was yelled at by her doc. My previous one didn't get that extreme, but I got the pat-on-the-back "There, there little lady - we'll fix you right up!" And dosed me with every antidepressant... when I complained that the meds did nothing for me, I hated the side effects, and I was still in pain to where I couldn't function - I was patronized like I was an idiot. Thing is - I'm the daughter of a career RN, read Grey's Anatomy as a pre-school book, and have always absorbed life-sciences for recreational entertainment... Yeah - I'm a Nerd! But I'll tell you nothing gets my dander up as fast as being patronized by a God-doctor. I ask questions, and tell you the truth about my symptoms - don't get ticked off at me or treat me like I'm stupid, Doc! I got this poo-pooing from Medical Associates at UVA - the interns were nice - the head-doc teaching them was a jerk. They often wanted to try something that he over-rode and made 'em give me meds that I told him wasn't working - "Just UP the dose!". I hope them fellas found better places to work when their stint was up with him.
    My PAIN came first... crept up over years till I couldn't function. Any depression came AFTER I finally crashed cause I could no longer do things I enjoyed. My pain-part was largely ignored. "It's all in your head, Ma'am!"
  8. OlWolf

    OlWolf New Member

    Treca... he's wonderful - that's a good thing... does he keep office hours in C'ville some days. Does he accept Medicaid? Orange is on the other side of C'ville from me.
    The call there's long-distance from here and I don't have long-distance service. I use e-mail and IM to keep in touch with my sons in the military. Does Dr. Merrick have a website or e-mail?
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  9. Treca

    Treca New Member

    I don't know if he does anything in C'ville or not anymore. He used to be with UVA, but opened his own practice and left them.

    My husband is military so we have Tricare. I'm not sure if he takes Medicaid or not, but I'll ask my father and see if he knows.
  10. Treca

    Treca New Member

    I haven't seen Merrick since Dec. since my husband has come back from Iraq we moved back to GA where he is stationed at Fort Stewart.

    Dr. Merrick just moved in to his new office so I haven't seen him since before he moved.

    I don't know if he has a website or not at the moment, but one option to the phone problem is to use a calling card. You may find them to be help for when you need to call long distance and don't have a carrier.
  11. OlWolf

    OlWolf New Member

    Give yer Hubby a hug from me! Tell him I welcome him home!
    My eldest in the Army has been there for most of the year... his second stint. His twin in the Navy is due to go in May. Their baby brother was there in Kuwait when the whole thing started with 3rd Marine Airwing, but he's in San Diego now and out of the Corp cause of a broken ankle that didn't heal right.
  12. mrstyedawg

    mrstyedawg Member

    I went to see a doctor at University of Virginia (I think that is the name) at Charlottesville. This doctor also had the it's all in your head attitude. I told him off and left. If the doctors at leading universities refuse to admit that this is a legitimate illness what hope do we have?
  13. OlWolf

    OlWolf New Member

    mrstyedawg ... was this doctor named Liener... Leiner?
    If it's the same guy - I hope his students got better sense than he does.
  14. Treca

    Treca New Member

    Well Dr. Merrick is one in a million compared to the doctors at UVA. It was by shear luck that I found Dr. Merrick because my dad found him by referral when the doc. he was seeing said he couldn't do anything for him anymore.

    He left UVA for reason exactly like that...the doc's at UVA are butt heads and don't care about their patients. So he opened his own practice. He was so tried of having to answer to UVA. He is doing Cold Laser Therapy now and it has worked for me. I have my own little laser that I paid 690$ so I can do home treatments. Of course my hubby has to do it for me since my pain is all in my back, but after awhile of using it it started to make the constant ache go away. I have a very low powered one and some may need a stronger one for it to work. If that is the case then you will need to see a Dr. for it.

    It's a relatively new procedure, but Dr. Merrick was waiting to get his Cold Laser Therapy machine when he got his own practice. It may help some and then it may not. It's worth a try though. I'm glad he recommended it for me. It has helped and it was worth the money even though it is expensive.

    My hubby was with the group 3ID 15 INF. when they took West side of Baghdad while the Marines took the east side the first time and was there for 10months. Then he was home for a year and then had to go back and was gone for a year and he just got back Jan. 4th of this year. We are praying he gets the jobs he is trying to get so he will never go overseas again. He is missing to much of our sons life. His branch manger is really messing it up for him and if he has to he will go and report it to GI or is it called IG? I can never remember all the Army mumbo jumbo...:)
  15. OlWolf

    OlWolf New Member

    My boys, when they all get a chance to get together... babble on in that military-garble... then wonder why I have this dazed look on my face! LOL! They actually forget I have no idea what they're talking about... everything with a name - the name is in initials!
    There's 4 sons - one Army, 1 Navy, 1 Coast Guard, and one Marine (with a medical discharge). Yeah... I got most of 'em covered... they tried hard to talk their sister into joining the Air Force, but she declined. She had 2 daughters and was starting to realize her health was being affected by Fibro, too.
    That's a long ways for me... to Orange. I wish Dr. Merrick was closer... he sounds like the ticket I need! A drive that far would knock me into a coma.
    When my daughter came up to take me to Norfolk for Thanksgiving, and my Navy-son's wedding the next day... I was there for 3 days. The fourth day I was supposed to go home... I was yawning uncontrolably by 1 PM. By the time they got me home at 8 PM, I'd checked my birds for supplies and fell into bed. I didn't wake up other than to stumble to the bathroom for 6 and 1/2 days! I missed that screwy doctor's appt. by 3 days... slept right past it! When I finally got to doctors and tried to explain that I'd slept for days and missed the appt. (they wanted to charge me for missing it!) The doc said he'd never heard of anything like that before!
    Ya know where I wanted to stuff a firecracker! ;)

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