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    When I am in the chat room, members mention the drugs that they are taking - both narcotic/addicting and non narcartic. It is very understandable that people need these pain relievers. What is bothersome is that some take the liberty of mentioning what they take (when they can get it) and how much they LOVE their meds and mention that they also drink alcohol with the drugs(ie..oxyc, morphine, darvon, etc.)

    Most people are responsible individuals. There are, however, newcomers who come in and are given this information...even in a joking manner. They are not familiar with the people in the room and their sense of humor (or lack of). For some of us who are newly diagnosed/ responsible people and are trying to find what relieves the pain, this is not a problem.....but there are a few who might take liberties with this information...and have addiction and cross addiction tendencies and not realize that it is foolish and not advised behavior.

    Like they say...don't drink and drive....a warning to those who medicate with heavy narcotics and drink also.

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    I think the chat room is monitored and they keep a record of what is said.

    I can not get on chat but the one time I was able to log on, it just went to fast for me.

    So I do not know the ends and outs of the chat room.

    Has anyone else noticed this.

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    w2n , I always enter chat rooms with a big bag of salt. Your message is clear to me but not to some others.

    GA , I also have probs with live chat. I understand.

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    Blessings ,

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    That sounds inappropriate to me ... and may violate the agreements we have here on the site but I'm not entirely sure.

    If you are concerned for people's welfare, I suggest reporting the behavior whenever you see it.
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    I agree with WILD if you dont like the chat room dont go there. Some people need to let off steam. Some need to laugh and converse with others going thru the same thing. Sometimes the conversations get a little touchy. but if you are sensitive to the conversation you have a choice to leave the room or hit ignore. I dont see the point of penalizing everyone for one persons sensitivity.

    Its just as if you were going to a party where people were doing things that you didnt agree with you can either stay or leave. Its that simple.
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    they keep a log of the chats??

    the few times i've tried the rooms there was hardly anyone there.

    what time is it usually full?

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  7. jasminetee

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    Try mornings or evenings. I live on the West Coast so for me the room is usually pretty busy around 5 to 6 am and around 5 to 9 pm.

    Prohealth does e-mail people and remind them of the rules if they're broken.

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    i go to the chat rooms ALOT. we do list the meds we take quite often for newbies and for people that we already know and here's the reasons:

    newbies might want to know what pain/disease we have and what questions they should ask their docs about and what meds they should suggest to the doc. they will also want to know side effects or how it is helping with us.

    people that already know us well (like texashen and i are good friends so i'll use her as an example) if i am in lots of pain and talk about it the room she might ask if i've taken my med or suggest me taking my med. as for talking about how much we love our meds...when i am in so much pain that i need to take my med and the med starts working...yes i will say "whew i love this med" b/c i'm no longer in pain.

    i don't think i've heard anyone talk about taking meds and drinking b/c we all know we shouldn't drink while taking our meds. we will "net drink" pretend we are drinking and just have fun b/c we know we can't really go out and party and drink due to our meds. hope this clears things up. again this is just my observation and opinion.