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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by isiselixir, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. isiselixir

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    What is up with the chat room on here? I mean, why so few people using it? I am too shy to go into chat when there's only two other people in there! It seems like fibro and depression are the most popular chat rooms too. I don't have fibro. I want to chat with people or lurk -- lol! Does anyone want to try to get a group together to chat? Has that been done before? Probably. Just wondering y'all. I'm dying of boredom here.
  2. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Me too!

    I checked out the chat rooms when I first got here, but like you, found them empty except the depression board (where I didn't wanna go, particularly).

    I didn't wanna chat with 1 person either. I mean, heck. How do I carry on a conversation with a total stranger???

    I'm with ya!
    Let us know if ya get a group together. Maybe we can meet up at a specific day / time (synchronizing our various time zones).

  3. isiselixir

    isiselixir New Member

    thanx for responding pip, i hope we get enough people!
    i saw your profile and i think it's awesome that you dig train travel! =)
  4. JimB51

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    Maybe we could call you by a shorter name? : ) lol

    Isis(as in Greek Goddess and Elixir (as in medicine)?

    ooh! Your in sunny Longbeach... with an ocean. (You poor thing) lol

    Well, I'm not up to chatting much. Maybe I could be a part time "lurker"? lol

    Maybe I'd even jump in a little now and then.

    I checked out chat room once. As soon as I signed in... they both left.
    Something I said? or maybe my suave presence was just too much. lol

  5. isiselixir

    isiselixir New Member

    I hope that doesn't happen to me! I'm sorry that that happened to you. Lame.

    We can't really be lurkers unless enough people go in the chat rooms, otherwise we will easily be noticed =(

    Isis is an Egyptian Goddess but the name Isis IS Greek.

    Yes I love sunny LB, where do you live? (I should have checked your profile)