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    Hi, just to let anyone who is new to the forums know that we all tend to meet in the same chatroom despite diagnosis, usually one of first 5 you see when log in. so go to room with highest number, if you enter and people are idle just say hi, if no answer please do return later the rooms usually have people in at some point.
    there was a discussion with regards to people all meeting in the same room when the rooms are labelled in accordance to diagnosis, the outcome was people preferred to meet in the same room for the following reasons
    1) Sometimes theres not enough people in the chatrooms, and sometimes people dont care who they speak to just want to chat in general despite diagnosis.
    2)Alot of people have multiple diagnoses.

    the downfall to this is that it can be confusing to enter a fibro room where no one has fibro, or cfs room where no one has cfs, but to overcome this just tell people in the room what you have, what you need help with then you can establish who in the room can help and they can either chat with you there or go to separate room or use private chat. if new to chat rooms click on AA button next to smiley face and increase your font size so its easier for everyone to see above 20 usually is best, you can also change your font colour, well i hope that helps everyone out, and is not as clear as mud lol, take care all

    best wishes

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    Hi everyone

    I can assure everyone here, that the decision to ban someone is not taken lightly, and there are legitimate reasons for banning. When a member is banned from the forums, or chat, they are banned from the other as well.

    Chat is moderated and monitored, the same rules apply there as they do on the forums. I understand rules and guidelines can be a bummer, but they are all in place for good reasons.

    Take care all.