Chattanooga Doctor?

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    How about tonight at 8:00 everybody? I'll talk to you then!

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    8:00 sounds good.
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    Hey Terri,
    Sorry I missed you tonight. I did go to the chat room and found out that we can send Private Messages while we are in there. All you have to do is click on the persons name you want to PM and you will get the options. Let me know when we can try to meet again so we can exchange emails.


    Just thought about this. You did mean the Fibromyalgia Chat didn't you? [This Message was Edited on 06/04/2008]
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    I don't know about chattanooga - I am in Rome and it is about an hour and 20 minutes away - DR. GIRGIS is my pain specialist and he sees a lot of fibro patients. He believes you and is a good doc.
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    I remembered who you are - the young mom with so much fatigue. I think you are one of the youngest in the support group; I remember wondering how in the world you manage, with kids still at home.

    Are you planning to be there Tues. night? Last month I didn't make it, just felt too bad and too tired. But this weekend I'm planning to get as much rest as possible so hopefully I'll be able to go this time.

    Hey, anyone else in the area who can make it, do come! Benchmark PT in Ooltewah, it's easy to find. Seven PM. This is the first time I've been in a support group and it's felt so validating... like last time I went, and found out I'm not the only one who constantly bumps into things! I never used to do that before FM. I wouldn't wish this DD on my worst enemy, but at least now I don't feel so alone.

    Lee Ann
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    I am so sorry I haven't been back to this board to check on the time when everyone can meet... I don't have a real good excuse, except that I've slept since then, and also I am trying to get my son ready for academy. He is leaving this Sunday, and we aren't quite ready. (As a mom, I don't believe I'll ever be ready for my children to leave home, even for academy, where he will be able to come home every month or so!)

    I wasn't able to go to the Ooltewah support group last month either, because I was feeling so bad that I just wanted to lay down. All I could do was crawl into bed, and it was my only focus at the time, so I forgot all about the meeting. The next day I remembered it, and kicked myself for not remembering in time.

    I really believe that if I had remembered it, I would have pushed myself and would have gone anyway. It is such a big boost to be validated at these meetings, that I try my best to not miss them.

    I have been forgetting things right and left these days, and it is quite embarrassing!

    If anyone still wants to set up a time to meet at the chat rooms, I still want to, and I hope I didn't mess everything up... I hope you all will check out this thread again, and we can still set up a time to meet in the chat rooms.

    8p.m. sounds great to me, too. Just let me know what date, and I'll be there! You all are important to me, and I really am looking forward to meeting you at the chat room, and at the support groups!

    I keep everyone on this board in my thoughts and prayers, and I'm praying you all have a GREAT day and weekend! Lots of gentle hugs and love,


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    I do remember you and your Mom! I was so looking forward to getting better acquainted with you both and everyone there; I can't believe I forgot about the meeting!

    Pain and utter exhaustion will do strange things to a person:).

    I remember thinking how very nice and beautiful you two are, and that I could tell you are mother and daughter. It was the first FM support group you had been to, if I remember correctly. I also noticed that you take good care of your Mother!

    My memory is so awful nowadays that the meeting is getting very fuzzy in my mind.

    God bless your day, and I will see you Tuesday night!

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    He is knowledgeable about FM, and he is compassionate; I'm glad you have an appointment with him! He is very willing to listen, and his demeanor is in to way condescending.

    I don't have health insurance, and last year when Lyrica was new for FM and very expensive, he gave me a bunch of samples, because he knew I couldn't afford it!

    I have a very high opinion of Dr. Craig, even though the things he tried didn't work with me (except the melatonin). I think that's one of the main reasons I have such a high regard for him - even though most of what he tried with me didn't help, he didn't write me off as a hysterical housewife with a psychotic problem. He really believed me, and tried to help me!

    Let me know if you like him, too, and how his treatments do for you. If you don't mind, post it on this thread, and I will keep checking back.

    God bless you, Peggy!

  10. DeborahLynn

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    in Rome, GA. I wonder if he will see people from Chattanooga? I am going to look his name up on the web and see if I can find a phone number. Thanks so much!

    God bless,

  11. Is anyone still around, here in this discussion from 2008? I am in Cleveland, TN and desperately need a GOOD doctor who is compassionate and believes in CFS/ME. Anyone?
  12. Terri, we're in Cleveland near Hopewell also. Are you still around?