check out this article from the Smithsonian Magazine

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by donza, Dec 5, 2002.

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    We are not allowed to post URL's on this forum, but I'm sure anyone could easily find the Smithsonian Magazine website using Yahoo or Google. Could you please give us a little more info on what to look for in terms of the topic of the article?

    Love, Mikie
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    google, smithsonian magazine, then typed in chronic fatigue and it was the top article, click and read, its short so only takes a minute.
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    Yes, I read it. Although it compliments Laura Hillenbrand, it also says the effective treatment for CFIDS is "counseling" and "graded exercise" - no others mentioned. Sigh. Sounds a lot like the old "Get off your rears - it's all in your head" routine to me.
    Kitty =^..^=
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    The smithsonian was mentioned but the segment was a doctor talking to a patient that this was a real disease. It was a very good segment and it also said that it is not in our heads and that in the near future there is going to be a blood test for cfs because it was deterimed that it is passed down in the genes. I was impressed with the information that it is a real problem for people who have it and they expressed that greatly on TV.
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    Hi Donza,

    I read the article and it is very encouraging that someone is studing CFS. I am betting that someday they will be able to map the area affected and I think it will apply to FMS also. We should all be encouraged that even with the terrible pain and suffering that we all face, we can and often do exceed even "well people's output!" Any day I can accomplish anything is a good day for me, and I often get quite a bit done. I try to keep my mind active, and I try to accomplish at least something each day. Then, I can say that I did something.

    I am having some relief from the Neurontin that I was put on a little over a month ago for the "Nerve Pain" that I was having in my legs. But, unfortunately, I still have my "Sore spots" all over my body, and I still get very tired and achy, but "OH MY GOSH; MY LEG PAIN HAS IMPROVED!"

    The doc started me on a low dosage at first and when the drug wore off before it was time to take it again, I was in awful pain again. I realized that I have been in that much pain constantly for so many years now that I had just built up a tolerence for it. Now that I have the dosage upped I have been having many better days. I am sure sleeping better at night. I used to not even be able to stand the sheets on my legs, and the pain would wake me if I even managed to get to sleep in the first place. I have found myself napping less during the day too. Another life's victory for me! I wish you all warm blessings as we all try to figure this out and recover. Polliwog