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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klutzo, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. klutzo

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    I found a site where you can pick your state, and then check out your doctor by name to see if he has ever been disciplined by a Medical Board for malpractice, etc. I looked up every doc my husband and I had been to, and found that his Gastroenterologist has been sanctioned twice! I never did like the guy, and I don't want my hubby going to him now that I know this. It is called questionabledoctors and is a .org site, rather than a .com. I hope saying it this way is OK. The site sells no products.
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    This site may not sell any products, but you have BUY a report from them of the doctor in question. They don't tell you anything except where the doc was sanctioned. If you want anymore info., you have to buy it....

    I'm glad, though, that I didn't see any of my doctors listed there..
  3. kredca4

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    I just had to go see if the Doctor who screwed up my Rotator Cuff during a Surgery on my Neck, was listed there.
    Nope, but I'm not surprised, you can't Sue and win or even file a complaint aganist Doctors in Idaho. It's a "Good Old Boys" Group there.

    I'm Happy to know that my Current Doctors are not listed either, they are in Ca., and are Tops in their filed, so I would have been shocked to see their names. Gald they're not there,

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    You got me all psyched for this and then I saw that NC was not a participating state on this site!!!!!
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    .....have a website for the state medical board (in my state, Kansas, it's called the Kansas Board of Healing Arts) that has medical license info. & if a doctor's ever been sanctioned, or license suspended or revoked. This info is free, I always look new doctors up before I call them.

    Thank goodness for the internet, huh? A wealth of information...