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  1. techno

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    Just picked up this info by chance..........
    Check it out......

    Genetic pattern found in patients with CFS

    People who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome sometimes have trouble convincing their doctors that they have a real disease, because its symptoms are so vague, and their cause so elusive.

    Now a new study offers convincing evidence that patients with the syndrome, often referred to as CFS, have abnormalities in gene expression in their blood. The report appears in the August issue of The Journal of Clinical Pathology.

    Using sophisticated genetic-analysis techniques, the researchers compared gene expression in the blood of patients with the syndrome and that of a group of healthy controls matched for age and sex. They confirmed that the expression of 16 genes was significantly different in the patients with chronic fatigue. The authors said that these gene expressions may be important in determining the cause of the illness. The findings are consistent with previous work showing that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome have activated immune systems, showing increased numbers of T-cells and other germ-fighting bodies.

    The genes appear to induce blood changes symptomatic of a wide variety of disorders, which may help explain why the symptoms of the syndrome are so varied.
  2. Sunrise2780

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    There's no mention of FM. I know there's a fine line, but there's still a difference.

    I use copies of med docs when fighting for my rights from whomever is denying me, but I have to be sure that the copies of these docs includes FM.
  3. CFIDSNicole

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    These doctors are not working with FM; they are solely working on CFIDS research, so you probably won't find anything from them about FM. CFIDS and FM, in my opinion, are not the same thing and do not come from the same cause; research like this seems to support that.

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  4. moxiepup

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    I'm excited about all the work they are doing with genes in regard to CFIDS, but what about the people like me who were DX first with FMS, then almost a yr later CFS, then a few mos. later CEBV.

    I don't see how they are going to figure this mess out.
    I suppose I should be happy if they just figure one thing, the CFS is sooooooo debilitating but the the Fibro is severe.

    I am never out of pain and I'm on a lot of meds.

    Anybody got any ideas? :))


  5. Sunrise2780

    Sunrise2780 New Member

    Hi Nicole,

    I do understand that they're not the same. I've done my researching to understand this quite some time ago & also so that I can realize that I don't have CFS.

    I just get so frustrated w/some of these articles. I look thru to see if FM is noted in them anyway. Sometimes they are so I can figure out that an article will/does concern both.

    They "combine" the 2, they "separate" the 2 ... ugh!

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