Check this out. I'm a poet???

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    Hi Everyone,

    Actually, i've been having a bad, bad, week. Just coming off a major migraine right now. i just talked to my sister who is sooo healthy, busy, never stops. She tries to understand, but it's hard for her.

    Here are my thoughts;

    I see the world whirling around me,
    like a Merry-Go-Round.
    I want to get on.

    People are laughing, going up and down,
    'round and 'round.

    I try to get on,
    but it won't slow down.

    I lift my foot to try, but get knocked down,
    over and over again.

    Finally, I'm on, but I feel dizzy and sick.
    It's too, too fast,
    let me off, let me rest.

    But don't forget I'm still here,
    Come visit for a while.
    Let me hear what's going on
    let me see your smiles.

    Maybe you'll enjoy the rest,
    some peaceful moments spent,
    I'll give you anything I can,
    a listening ear, a word of cheer,
    perhaps a cup of tea
    and even though I can't keep up,
    remember, I'm still me.

    Just my feelings today. Thought you might relate.
    Love, MrsEd
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  2. sunnysmile

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    and I can totally relate!
  3. CockatooMom

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    Very nice. I enjoyed reading it...and can relate!
  4. mrsED

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    It sometimes helps me feel better to write down the feeling I'm having and I always know you guys will understand.
    Love, MrsEd