Checking in about yesterday's doc appointment. The result

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    of the myelogram I had done last Friday came back good. He did ask me if I was having any pain in my right shoulder and I told him yes and he said a problem did show up on the myelogram indicating a disc involving my right shoulder but it was not acute at this time, only a slight bulge but he wanted me to be aware of it and possibly another disc removal in the future. He said my fusion looked beautiful and my hardware was still in position. Not sure how long it actually takes for the bone fusion to mature but he said it all looks great.

    He examined me, tested trigger points and I had 16 out of 18. He immediately told me he is sure I have it, he is getting me in with a neurologist/pain control center that treats only chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I don't have the appt as of yet, his nurse is suppose to be calling me either today or Monday with the appt but they are getting me in ASAP.

    I really don't know where we go from here but at long last we finally have a definitive dx. Now the hard work begins, finding the right drug combination for me, dietary changes, change in lifestyle, and who knows what else.

    I want to go back to work, I asked him if I could at least go back part time and he said no to that and no to me driving because of problems with my balance.

    My sister called me last night to see what I found out at the doc. I told her and bless her, she said well now you know you are NOT crazy, it is not all in your head, it is something real, and now we just have to try to get me better. I adore my big sister and we are very close. After my step-dad died, it was like our entire family dynamics changed; I was no longer the out-cast, the black-sheep of the family. Mom seemed no longer afraid to love me or show her love to me. Long ugly story but I am the product of an affair my mom had with my step-dad's best friend. My mother and my real dad really did love one another but he was also married and 40-50 years ago, divorce was not so easy to get. But now, I have very good support from my family. We are all very very close finally after all those horrible years when step-dad was alive.

    My doc refilled my pain meds thank God. And John is being wonderfuly supportive. I called him at work yesterday after getting back from doc appt and told him what I found out. He told his higher-ups that I had gotten a diagnoses of something pretty serious and he would be needing to take off work to take me to doc appointments and they said that was fine.

    Where do I go from here?? Can anyone recommend any good books on Fibro?? I want to learn all I can about this and help myself as much as possible. I am willing to try anything to stop this torture I am going through.

    My neuro guy said the surgery is what triggered this horrid flare I am going through. So maybe it is a good thing, because I finally found a good doctor and he is sending me on to someone who specializes in this field and can help me. I have been going through this hell for 20 years, never had a flare this bad but it seems like I have not felt good in 20 years.

    I appreciate you all so much. I have only been posting on here for a few days but you have no idea what your support means to me. No one is patting me on the head and telling me it is all be okay, it is all in your head, just up your Prozac and everything will be fine, go shopping, go have a facial, all the usual crap I have been hearing for years.

    Thanx guys, thanx from the bottom of my aching heart and soul.

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    Oh,my, You sound so much better than the other day- when you were so depressed! You have so much going for you! You are a very blessed woman, even if you don't feel like one!
    1.You have an understanding DR. who has...2. Given you a Definate Diagnosis, and referred you to...3. A Specialist in FM/CFS--who will address your problems one/on/one! 4.Family who care-A wonderful Sister who cares about your well-being and calls you & loves you...5. A Husband! who loves you very much, and wants the best for you, and even tell his boss- I need time off to take my wife to DR. appt.s...he is so supportive! Be very thankful, Karen!
    The book mentioned above is very helpful. A book I find myself always going back to is Devin Starlanyl's "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome". It has a wealth of Info. Also go to her web site: type in her name in your Search-on your computer, and you should find it; she also has Hand Out Sheets that you can print out. There are many good articles here on This site- Go to the Library and type in Fibro or CFS or what ever- You can read forever!!
    Have a good Weekend, and wishing you PainFree Health!