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    I have a spiral bound notebook that I use to list things I should do for myself when I'm flaring. (FM)

    I include good foods to eat, homeopathy (google the word and read all you want about the topic), Reiki energy healing, massage (a friend does hand therapy which is wonderful when a massage is too painful--some massage therapists will barter if you have something they need), epsom salt baths, lavender oil, chamomile tea with honey (if you're not allergic to goldenrod in the fall), gentle stretching and light yoga depending on tolerance, my favorite comfy quilt and jammies, fresh flowers, etc.

    I have DVDs that are quiet (no big,loud to soft volume differences that can have me stuck to the ceiling during a flare) that I can watch and be entertained or tune out and let them be background noise so I don't feel so alone. Dodgeball, Practical Magic, Better Off Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the series--I just love Buffy), etc.

    It's wonderful to have that resource to refer to when I'm flaring and can't part the fibrofog enough to think of anything to do to help myself. And I ALWAYS forget epsom salt baths. They help me so much. After the flare is over I wind up thinking, "Oh. I should have taken some epsom salt baths."

    Make it a habit to have resources at your fingertips when you're having a flare. It's a good way to feel more in control of things. And it's easier to think of ways to help yourself when you're NOT flaring quite so much.

    Oceans of love.

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    thanks for sharing this!


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