Cheeks started bleeding after face stretch (big yawn) ...???...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by happycfs, Sep 4, 2014.

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    Hi Friends,

    I hope everyone is as well as can be. Thank you for continuing to pull together and helping each other.

    I have a quick question, wondering if anyone has a thought or two on it...

    I was taking an afternoon shower for the day (I wake up and get out of bed around noon most days now) when I realized that my face felt really stiff. Like most muscles and such, I thought that it would feel better if I lightly stretched my face out. So, I opened my mouth, with a large yawning type of movement I felt a sharp sting on the inside lining of my cheek. I felt it with my tongue and realized that my skin had slightly ripped from the stretch. I have done this stretching before and have never had anything like this happen. I ended up spitting out blood droplets for a couple of hours. ....It started concerning me, with my mind running wild with possibilities, and I thought that perhaps someone else had this happen? Any thoughts, or insights?

    Thanks, friends!!
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    Could it be that you are dehydrated and didn't get enough fluid in lately? That's all that pops into my mind...

    Or maybe bit your cheeck whilst sleeping and it just popped open when jawning? That does happen to me sometimes, especially when not feeling well I sometimes wake up with clenched cheeks. And I do have the habit to bite the inside of my cheeks when I'm feeling real bad but don't want others to notice, it's a kind of way to 'overshout' the agony in the body for me. I don't do it consiounsly but notice every now and then I do it when I have a hard time coping but have to 'act normal' in company.
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